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MadCap Support Testimonials

Great software products are everywhere. Great customer support is rare.

Ken Hartshorn
Manager Technical Documentation,

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“I have to say that MadCap support has been very useful. In my first year of Flare, I hardly used the support at all although we were working all day in Flare. This year we have tried to do a lot more with Flare and the support team has been superb.”
—Mark Levenstein | Orca Interactive Ltd.
“All my experiences with your company and products have been amazing, and I wish to let everyone there know how impressed I have been with the whole experience.”
—Jim Palmer | JKP Consulting
Atom Docs logo
“Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful reply. I really appreciate the workarounds, and will implement one or the other, depending on the header setting I choose. It is always a pleasure contacting MadCap Software, your support is the best by far of any software company that I work with.”
—Tom Marshall, Technical Author | Atom Docs
“MadCap Software’s level of service puts all the other software companies I know to shame, especially Microsoft® and Adobe®!”
—Martin Jack | Technical Writer, Martin Professional
Venafi logo
“MadCap’s Platinum Support is the greatest product on the planet. Your personnel are kind, knowledgeable, and most of all patient. I am so happy that I switched to Flare (from FrameMaker® and RoboHelp®).”
—Pamela Coca | Compressus, Inc.
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“MadCap Software’s customer support should be a model for the software industry.”
—Ken Hartshorn | Manager Technical Documentation, Actifio
Venafi logo
“MadCap Support is best-in-class, in my experience. They are exceptionally helpful and will work with you to solve your problems. Platinum support is worth its weight in, well, platinum.”
—Paul Pehrson | Sr. Information Developer, Venafi
eSignLive logo
“Regardless of who is on the other end of the line, the folks at MadCap are always friendly and helpful. I’m not one who enjoys calling customer support, but I know that doing so with MadCap will provide me with the answers I am seeking.”
—Michel Thibodeau | Technical Writer, eSignLive
Extreme Networks logo
“With a maintenance plan, we are quickly able to answer any questions we may have when learning about new features, or any potential issues we may run into using MadCap Flare.”
—John Moore | Lead Technical Writer, Extreme Networks
Twitter Logo
“Shout out to @MadCapSoftware Tech Support staffer Michael for his help on my latest Flare head scratcher. MadCap Tech Support rocks!”
—@SallieLeo | via Twitter
“I just wanted to say thank you very much for following up on this. So far I have been impressed with all things MadCap Software. Thanks again for providing a great product and service!”
—Tony Palechka | Technical Writer
Autotask Logo
“Thank you so much. I honestly didn’t expect a response to a ticket so soon. Your answer was thorough, to the point, and clearly presented. Great instructions! Better yet, they did the trick. This issue was in our massive primary product Online Help project – the stakes were high. Kudos to Flare Support!”
—Stephanie Boszko | Technical Writer, Autotask
Total System Services logo
“Have I told y’all lately how awesome you folks are?”
—Matt Collins | Total System Services, Inc.
LINOMA Software logo
“If I could reach through my computer and hug you, I would.”
—Christopher Bradley| LINOMA Software
“Thank you, this is exciting! These are really fantastic updates for us and will really save us a lot of time and busywork. It’s really nice to work with a company that listens and considers feature requests from customers – thank you!”
—Jackie Nielsen | Educational Resources Coordinator
PrimeRevenue Logo
“As always, MadCap’s Support team is stellar. Love that Flare! I really need to find a way to come work for you guys.”
—Mary W. Martz | Documentation and Training Manager, PrimeRevenue, Inc.
Frontier Communications Logo
“You guys do fantastic work. The best I’ve ever seen in 30 years in the computer industry. Keep it up.”
—Gary Taylor | Frontier Communications
Limelight Networks Logo
“I really appreciate the support you provided. You helped me resolve some issues that had been plaguing me for weeks. You also helped me understand how to clean up a project. Finally, I’m a stronger SVN Tortoise user because of your great support. Thanks again – I wish all software companies had engineers with support skills as strong as yours.”
—Stephen Murphy | Technical Writer, Limelight Networks
StrayGoat Writing Services Logo
“Can I just add that it really is refreshing to deal with a software company that listens to its users. I have to split my time between Flare and other technical communication tools, and I can tell you that dealing with MadCap Software is a joy in comparison to dealing with other companies.”
—Craig Wright FISTC | Technical Author | SEO Copywriter, StrayGoat Writing Services Ltd
Peoplenet Logo
“I’ve said it a couple of times, but I will say thank you again. I am very impressed with the way that your company treats clients and helps to answer questions. Your technical support process is exemplary.”
—Julious Dyer | Technical Writer, Peoplenet: Fleet Mobility Solutions,
A Trimble Company
“Flare’s customer care is an important value add: My customers will thank me rather than be displeased with me for putting them in MadCap’s hands.”
—Riley VanDyke | Contract and Consulting Technical Writer