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Download Free MadCap Flare Project Templates

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About Project Templates

MadCap Flare offers 20 pre-installed project templates for print, online, desktop and mobile content. Modern responsive top navigation templates are available below as a free download. The 20 built-in project templates are available during trial mode and do not need to be downloaded.

Downloadable Project Templates

Project Templates Included in MadCap Flare

Modern Top Navigation*

  • Coronado
  • Girard
  • Sunset
  • Silverado
  • Torrey
  • Soledad
  • Ivanhoe
  • Balboa

Knowledge Base


  • Basic
  • Advanced

Print & Online

  • Basic
  • Advanced


  • 3-Fold
  • 4-Fold

Book & eBook

  • Basic
  • Advanced

Policies & Procedures

  • Basic
  • Advanced

User Guide

  • Basic
  • Advanced

Product Foldout

  • 3-Fold
  • 4-Fold
  • 5-Fold
  • 6-Fold
  • 12-Fold


*Additional download

To add additional or replace existing project templates,
please follow these steps:


Download one of the project templates below.


Extract the file(s) from the zip file.


Double-click the Flare project file (FLPRJ) to open the project.

Browse Our Collection of Modern Top Navigation Templates

The following templates are supported in MadCap Flare 2017 r2 and higher. All output previews have been published using MadCap Central.

Coronado Project Template


A responsive grid layout with customizable tiles that can be easily adjusted. Multiple navigation options makes it easy for users to find documentation, news, and community updates.

Preview Coronado Output Download Coronado Template
Girard Project Template


A template designed with mobile users in mind. User-friendly navigation showcases relevant information to visitors, directing them to important articles and content.

Preview Girard Output Download Girard Template
Sunset Project Template


A unique way to display documentation, featuring a side menu and appealing visuals. Additional categories can be easily added to ease navigation for users.

Preview Sunset Output Download Sunset Template
Silverado Project Template


An ideal start to building a responsive portal for technical documentation. The polished, adaptive layout prominently displays categories and visuals where they can’t be missed.

Preview Silverado Output Download Silverado Template
Torrey Project Template


An elegant, minimal way to display documentation. Tiles can be customized to display categories; home page categories, icons and gradients can be easily added, removed and edited.

Preview Torrey Output Download Torrey Template
Soledad Project Template


This modern, professional layout provides your users with a comprehensive start to navigating your documentation. Logos and colors can be easily added or edited.

Preview Soledad Output Download Soledad Template
Ivanhoe Project Template


Design is stripped down to the essentials, providing your users with the exact information they need. Tiles can be added or removed, and are prominently displayed on the homepage, with a minimal background.

Preview Ivanhoe Output Download Ivanhoe Template
Balboa Project Template


Taking advantage of the responsive, long-format design and parallax scrolling, this template is a great way to display content, while providing visual elements that match with your company’s look and feel.

Preview Balboa Output Download Balboa Template

Additional Project Templates

Blue Top Nav

Screenshot of Blue Top Nav Template DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE

Orange Top Nav

Screenshot of Orange Top Nav Template DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE

Classic Tripane

Screenshot of Classic Tripane Template DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE