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MadCap Contributor Testimonials

MadCap Contributor has enabled us to implement a much more streamlined, unified documentation review process that’s easy to trace.

Vrej Hezaran | Technical Writer, CM Labs Simulations

Contributor has streamlined and simplified the process of making changes across large areas of content for our team of writers.

Jeremy White
Head of Technical Communication | Avaloq

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Thanks to MadCap Contributor, we’ve been able to significantly streamline our review process. When an SME needs to review the content for accuracy, we can send the Contributor file to make their annotations. It’s now simple for us to receive input from other team members.

Katy Doherty
L&D Team Lead & Senior Instructional Designer | simPRO

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The biggest help of MadCap Contributor is that I can have someone else create content, and I can then simply accept, reorganize and add my Flare formatting to it.

photo of T.J. Coyle

T.J. Coyle
Technical Writer II and Environmental Compliance Officer | Henke Manufacturing

SMEs can pop in and out of the documentation task without having to set aside swathes of time, and the content they produce can be integrated much faster. My colleague handles the operations manual, and at times has up to 10 contributing authors using the Contributor template. Even then everything looks consistent, and that’s important because we put a priority on standards.

Alex Johnson
Fitness First Group

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When our implementation team members are with customers, they often glean recommended improvements to our software. Contributor (formerly X-Edit) will let them capture this feedback and then easily bring the changes and comments back into our Help system. We’re also seeing interest from our support department where people would love to be contributors. Additionally, it will make it easier for our business analysts to review the documentation and make sure it has appropriate use cases and exceptions criteria.

Tara Coulson
Fellowship Technologies

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Within a couple months everyone was using Contributor. Since then, Contributor has allowed us to complete roughly twice the amount of work with the same number of technical writers; we couldn’t have kept up with the increased workflow without it.

Peggy Spencer
athenahealth, Inc.

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Knowing that Contributor will allow annotations for free is outstandingly excellent. MadCap Software truly does listen to its customer base.

Don Rasky
Mitchell International, Inc.

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