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MadCap Flare Testimonials

“Having a single publishing process for our Online Help and Learning Pathways with MadCap Flare has allowed us to reduce overhead for user management and technical support, significantly reducing our costs.”

Training Advisor | Fred IT Group

MadCap Central Testimonials

“MadCap Central’s seamless integration with Flare helps multiple people to share and manage changes to files in a central location. As a result, team communication and content quality have greatly improved.”

Kate Doherty
L&D Team Lead & Senior Instructional Designer | simPRO

MadCap Contributor Testimonials

“The biggest help of MadCap Contributor is that I can have someone else create content, and I can then simply accept, reorganize and add my Flare formatting to it.”

T.J. Coyle
Technical Writer II and Environmental Compliance Officer | Henke Manufacturing

MadCap Lingo Testimonials

“With MadCap Lingo’s translation management, we get visibility into which topics have already been translated. In many instances, half the project is already translated for us. Having this automated process has really improved our efficiency.”

Sandra Garcia
Localization Manager | FireEye

MadCap Capture Testimonials

“MadCap Capture is terrific–we can insert text into our screen captures or graphics, and then send that text to our translators to translate without them having to use an actual graphic tool.”

Ken Schatzke
Senior Technical Writer | SMART Technologies

MadCap Mimic Testimonials

“We are making tutorial videos based on what customers are searching for. Using Mimic really takes our online Help to the next level.”

Stefan Steinbauer
Head of Documentation and Translation | Tricentis

MadCap Pulse Testimonials

“We are gaining insights that will enable us to create the best user experience possible.”

Derek Warren

MadCap Support Testimonials

“Great software products are everywhere. Great customer support is rare.”

Ken Hartshorn
Manager Technical Documentation | Actifio

MadCap Training Testimonials

“Thank you, what an amazing class this is! Well done to all of you who collaborated on the training manual. There is no question about the amount of time and effort that went into that wonderful guide. And, having Scott DeLoach as the instructor just totally blew me away.”

Jude Duniho
Senior Technical Writer | Sabre Holdings

MadTranslations Testimonials

“By combining our own MadCap Lingo translation memory database and MadTranslations’ processes, we regularly save up to 30% of what we would have spent in the past by simply re-translating existing sentences used in a new document or context.”

Sara Prentice-Manela
Technical Writer | Snap-on

MadCap Webinar Testimonials

“I find the webinars extremely helpful in giving me updates, tips and new ideas on how to improve the way I work. MadCap ROCKS! I love your software, so keep up the good work in the years to come!”

Jannicke Knudsen
Technical writer | ACOS AS