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NEW RELEASE  MadCap Flare 2022 Adds New Micro Content Features, SEO Updates, Editor Improvements & More

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Learn how companies like Illumina, disguise, and BeyondTrust are delivering content through the advanced single-sourcing authoring, multi-channel publishing, and modern web design capabilities of MadCap Flare.

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MadCap Flare Testimonials

“I evaluated MadCap Flare and found it was the most flexible platform using up-to-date modern web standards. The quality of published resources and the webinars and conferences from MadCap Software, and the fact that I enjoyed using Flare made it the obvious choice.”

Tony Dzumaga
Technical Author | Apteco

MadCap Central Testimonials

“The addition of the new eLearning functionality in MadCap Flare is a game changer for us. We can now leverage Flare’s inherent single source capabilities to create presentations with assessments. In conjunction with MadCap Central, Flare now gives us the capability to produce instructor-led, web-based and virtual training using a single solution. The ability to do all training development in Flare without the need to copy content to PowerPoint will cut costs, and improve the quality and consistency of our training products.”

Stephen J. Sauriol CPLP
Technical Communications Manager | Saab, Inc.

MadCap Authoring and Management System Testimonials

“We love MadCap Central because it allows us to do everything within one portal. For us, it has cut out an insane amount of work, and operationally the process has become so much better.”

Olga Gomonova
Head of Client Enablement | Unqork

MadCap Contributor Testimonials

“MadCap Contributor has enabled us to implement a much more streamlined, unified documentation review process that’s easy to trace.”

Vrej Hezaran
Technical Writer | CM Labs Simulations

MadCap Lingo Testimonials

“Based on feedback from in-house translators, translation times were reduced from two to three weeks to about two days using MadCap Lingo. At the same time, the modular topics and snippets in MadCap Flare allow us to only send new or modified content for translation. In the first four years alone, this enabled us to reduce our localization costs by 68% for the In-Sight product line.”

Kellie Freeman
Principal Technical Writer | Cognex Corporation

MadCap Capture Testimonials

“Capture is just a fantastic addition, and its Flare integration makes it really easy to capture screenshots.”

Thad Miller
Technical Content Director, Environmental Products | LI-COR Biosciences

MadCap Mimic Testimonials

“We are making tutorial videos based on what customers are searching for. Using Mimic really takes our online Help to the next level.”

Stefan Steinbauer
Head of Documentation and Translation | Tricentis

MadCap Support Testimonials

“MadCap Software’s technical support is very friendly and always offers assistance and good solutions for any technical challenge we’ve faced.”

Luciana Alvear Voigt
Knowledge Management Consultant | Senior Sistemas

Customer Success Testimonials

“The Customer Success team is helping us hit the ground running, ensuring we get the most out of MadCap Software's suite of tools. Their service and commitment to clients is exceptional.”

K. Trivadi
Director, Technical Publications and Content Management | CloudGenix, Inc.

MadCap Training Testimonials

“MadCap Flare is a brilliant concept perfectly suited for the world we publish for -- thanks for making this training accessible to all who need it”

Ralph Liberto
Remote Senior Level Technical Communications and Design

MadTranslations Testimonials

“We really appreciate how well they manage our translation projects and the quality of work is being noticed on many levels in the organization, which is exciting.”

Ken Haycraft
Director of Talent Management, Human Resources | Bunn-O-Matic

MadCap Webinar Testimonials

“I find the webinars extremely helpful in giving me updates, tips and new ideas on how to improve the way I work. MadCap ROCKS! I love your software, so keep up the good work in the years to come!”

Jannicke Knudsen
Technical writer | ACOS AS