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MadCap Flare Testimonials

I love MadCap Flare's usability. Designing a clean and modern-looking help system is easy using the skins available for the HTML5 output. We are able to design something specifically branded to our company that looks professional with minimal time spent designing.

John M.
G2 Crowd Review

MadCap Central Testimonials

I have used other source control systems with Flare, and they have each had their challenges. The MadCap Central solution is so easy and works so well – I think it’s a no-brainer!

Kate Montressor
Senior Technical Writer,
SilverPeak, Inc.

MadCap Contributor Testimonials

Knowing that Contributor will allow annotations for free is outstandingly excellent. MadCap Software truly does listen to its customer base.

Don Rasky
Mitchell International, Inc.

MadCap Lingo Testimonials

Now our translator can focus on localization and not recreating the document. The efficiencies we’ve gained have been as dramatic as moving from a typewriter to using Microsoft® Word.

Daniel Ng
GPRO Technologies Berhad

MadCap Capture Testimonials

The application is great! Even though I am going through the Guide, I really wouldn’t have to, to learn the software. It is super-intuitive, and a very powerful application. I have had such a good time playing with Capture–now I can’t wait to use it on the real job!

Betty R. Haley
Heat Transfer Research, Inc.

MadCap Mimic Testimonials

I’m not tooting my horn – I’m talking about what a great product Mimic is. Just thought you’d like to know that Mimic made me a Rock Star today!

Laura Jonson
Access Systems, Inc.

MadCap Pulse Testimonials

We are gaining insights that will enable us to create the best user experience possible.

Derek Warren

MadCap Support Testimonials

Great software products are everywhere. Great customer support is rare.

Ken Hartshorn
Manager Technical Documentation,

MadCap Training Testimonials

I wish there was a way to rank the course book higher. This is a highly valuable resource that I will get TONS of use out of going forward.…I was extremely pleased with the course and would recommend it to anyone needing to better understand Flare.

Josh Berghauser
PNC Mortgage

MadTranslations Testimonials

Working with MadTranslations is an absolute pleasure. They are fast, professional, efficient and extremely helpful. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with.

Wendy Laughery
Technical Writer,
Key Technology, Inc.

MadCap Software Webinars Testimonials

I find the webinars extremely helpful in giving me updates, tips and new ideas on how to improve the way I work. MadCap ROCKS! I love your software, so keep up the good work in the years to come!

Jannicke Knudsen
Technical Writer,