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MadCap Flare Testimonials

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I just installed Flare 2018 and I am loving it! MadCap Central is a game changer.

Suroor Aldhalemi
Client Success Consultant,
Rubicon International

“MadCap Flare lets me put flexibility back into my documents, and does everything I was looking for and more! With Flare’s single-sourcing capabilities, I no longer need to manually change the header on over 1,400 documents. In addition, their support team is fantastic and training ensures that our team gets the maximum use out of the product. ”
—Scott Jarrold | Technical Writer
“MadCap Flare all day, every day over Adobe RoboHelp. I used RoboHelp exclusively for seven years. Switched to Flare five years again and never looked back! ”
—Sallie Leo | Division of Child Support Services, DES, State of Arizona
RM Writing & Consultancy Services logo
“I have been using MadCap Flare for my client to do some really cool stuff, along with MadCap Central and Pulse. I think that the MadCap Software product suite is truly awesome. Thank you for introducing me to it – my days as a Technical Author will never be the same again”
—Robert Mitchell | RM Writing & Consultancy Services
photo of AdvancedMD logo
“We love having MadCap Analyzer built into MadCap Flare. It makes it so much easier to use.”
—Karrie Ann Ogilvie | AdvancedMD
photo of Åsa Sundin
“I just downloaded the Flare 2017 r2 release and built my online output. The build time went down from 7 minutes, 48 seconds to just 2 minutes, 8 seconds. Fantastic! It’s even better than in Flare 12! I’m lost for words.”
—ÅSA SUNDIN | Technical Writer, Episerver
“I’ve been a user of Help authoring tools from the pre-RoboHelp days. In light of that experience, working with Flare is a just a joy – rock solid. Please convey my happiness to your support group and to your development team for their skill and care.”
—Lee Kessler | Technical Writer,
Soft Byte LTD Logo
“I really like the formatting window as it can give me the relevant info about styles without opening the style sheet. Also, the Repeat Last Action is a great addition!”
—Marion Verhaegh | Technical Author, Soft Byte LTD
Evisions Logo
“The new Style Inspector in MadCap Flare 2017 r3 is amazing! I’ll be using this constantly in my projects. The reading analysis feature also saves time and effort when updating our content; I no longer have to use outside tools to analyze my text!”
—Alwyn Durham | Senior Technical Writer, Evisions
ScottWrites4You Logo
“MadCap Flare 2017 r3 adds three enhancements that I’ve been waiting to use for quite some time. The Text Analysis feature is especially useful, allowing me to write text so readers can focus on getting the help they need. This is one helpful tool!”
—Scott Parsons | Technical Writer, ScottWrites4You
InfinityQS International
“I’ve become such an evangelist for all things MadCap Software, the managers at my company say, ‘We want our clients to be as excited about our software as David is about MadCap Flare.’
—David Wright | Technical Writer, InfinityQS International
Midland Valley Logo
“I’d definitely recommend MadCap Flare. I moved to Flare from RoboHelp® over three years ago and haven’t looked back. I have multiple outputs to PDF, an HTML help system attached directly to our own software and a standalone HTML5, top navigation help system that clients can take away on a USB. I can’t imagine using anything else now.”
—Fiona Hunter | Technical Author, Midland Valley
Galaxy Control Systems Logo
“Working with Flare and the MadCap Team is, in and of itself, inspiring.”
—Candace Roberts | Sr. Technical Writer & Help Author, Galaxy Control Systems
Cymphonix logo
“Flare is off the charts, so much better than any other writing tool I’ve used. Keep at it! I believe it’s the best on the market.”
—Kathi Hennebry | Cymphonix
Tyler Technologies logo
“With MadCap Flare, I can release both online help and PDF manuals the same day as the latest release. With the advent of responsive design, one file suffices for both desktop and mobile; the PDF output requires only the addition of a cover page with NO hand adjustments. Bliss!”
—Rowan Polly | Technical Writer, Tyler Technologies
inContact logo
“There is simply no better solution than MadCap Flare if you need multiple output formats, content conditioning, single-sourcing, source control integration, or context-sensitive help, all in an easy-to-use package. It doesn’t get any better than this.”
—Mike Kelley | Principal Information Developer, inContact
Extreme Networks logo
“MadCap Flare is the most versatile tool I’ve used in more than 10 years as a Technical Writer. I would recommend it above all of the other options because it’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and it allows you to create highly dynamic documentation for any audience, consumed on any medium.”
—John Moore | Lead Technical Writer, Extreme Networks
Henke Manufacturing logo
“It was the easiest transition, learning curve, and solution I have ever seen in a software, ever! It is intuitive, surprising, and even teaches you through example. I’m amazed and will be hard pressed to ever move away from MadCap Flare for any reason. Now I’m looking for more reasons and ways to use Flare in our daily operations.”
—Theresa J. Coyle | CAD Tech/Tech Pub Writer, Environmental Compliance, and Digital Artist, Henke Manufacturing