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Technical Communication & Documentation Software

Create, Manage, Review and Translate

MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS)

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A Complete Solution Supporting the Entire Content Development Lifecycle

The MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS) combines the power and flexibility of desktop authoring with cloud-based technology to provide a complete solution for content developers. From authoring, publishing, and translation to cloud-based content management, streamline the entire content development lifecycle with
MadCap Software.

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& Publishing

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XML-based Authoring
and Single-source,
Multi-channel Publishing

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Single-source Screen Capture and Image Editing

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Interactive Movies and Software Simulations

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Salesforce & Zendesk Publishing

Cloud-based Editing, Publishing, Project & Content Management

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Project Teams

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Secure Hosting

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Project and Task Management

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Build Management

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User and Team Management

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Project Reporting

& Review

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Subject Matter Experts

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Cloud-based Contribution and Review

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Annotations, Tags and Markup

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Concurrent Multi-user Authoring and Review


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Translation Management

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Translation Memory

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Reporting and Statistics

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Project Packager

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Machine Translation

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MadCap AMS Includes:

Individual Products

MadCap Flare icon

MadCap Flare

Intelligent Content Authoring and Publishing

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MadCap Central icon

MadCap Central

Cloud-based Editing, Publishing, Project and Content Management

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MadCap Contributor icon

MadCap Contributor

Subject Matter Expert Contribution and Review

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MadCap Lingo icon

MadCap Lingo

Translation and Localization

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MadCap Mimic icon

MadCap Mimic

Interactive Demos, Videos, Tutorials and Software Simulations

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MadCap Capture icon

MadCap Capture

Screen Capture and Image Editing

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MadCap Pulse icon

MadCap Pulse

Analytics, Reporting and Social Collaboration for Your Documentation

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MadCap Software Product Overview

Cutting-edge software solutions designed to support the entire content development lifecycle, backed by world-class service and technical support.

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