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MadTranslations Testimonials

We really appreciate how well they manage our translation projects and the quality of work is being noticed on many levels in the organization, which is exciting.

Ken Haycraft | Director of Talent Management, Human Resource, Bunn-O-Matic

MadTranslations not only helped us get our initial translations completed on schedule, the translations themselves have also been of extremely high quality. In addition, their project managers have helped us improve the overall process as the number of languages has grown.

Brock McCloskey
Senior Technical Writer | Equinix

As a manufacturer of medical devices sold all over the world, CIVCO Medical Solutions provides labeling and instructions in 31 different foreign languages. MadTranslations has been providing us with quality translations that meet our strict regulatory requirements since 2016. The people and systems they have in place, along with the integration with MadCap Flare, have reduced our time to market significantly. We produce instructions for medical devices with confidence, knowing our translations are the very best they can be.

Julie Miller
Technical Communications Lead | CIVCO Medical Solutions

When I started two years ago, I had to set aside a whole week to process translations and generate localized outputs. After working with MadTranslations, the new process takes me less than an hour.

Aini Bhatti
Technical Writer | Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions Company

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Our experience in working with MadTranslations has been nothing but positive. We rely on their expertise, accuracy, and quality in translations, and we look forward to expanding our international growth with MadTranslations as a partner.

Thelma Marshall
Director of Product Management | TotalTrax, Inc.

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MadTranslations was a natural choice for our translation goals. We had confidence in MadCap Software and its products overall, and we were confident about their commitment to quality and stellar customer service.

Vicky Simon
Principal Technical Communicator | IDeaS

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Since updating our local websites and marketing materials, MadTranslations has helped us increase our visibility in target markets, and contributed to the significant growth in international site traffic. We’re grateful to have the partnership, and look forward to rely on MadTranslations as we expand our global efforts.

Gretchen Harwood
Director of Product Marketing and Integrated Campaigns | IDeaS

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By combining our own MadCap Lingo translation memory database and MadTranslations’ processes, we regularly save up to 30% of what we would have spent in the past by simply re-translating existing sentences used in a new document or context.

Sara Prentice-Manela
Technical Writer | Snap-on

Working with MadTranslations is an absolute pleasure. They are fast, professional, efficient and extremely helpful. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with.

Wendy Laughery
Technical Writer | Key Technology, Inc.

The team at MadTranslations has taken the time to guide us through each step of the translation process. They’ve also been very patient with us as we set up our in-house processes. With their translation certification they’ve given us the confidence we need to provide our customers with meaningful translations. MadTranslations really does offer top notch products and services.

Jeff Deyoe
Supervisor of Technical Documentation | ProNova Solutions, LLC

MadCap and MadTranslations offer first class support and are always available to meet our needs, from assistance with planning the project through to detailed and responsive technical support.

Steve Walker
Product Manager | Miro Technologies

MadTranslations has been an excellent choice as provider for the translation and localization services for our user interface and user documentation into Spanish, French and Portuguese. The process has been very smooth and the level of service offered by MadTranslations has been excellent!

Tracy Stone
Manager of Technical Communications | Avtec

Embarking on this new initiative of Arabic translation, it gave us confidence to know that MadCap and MadTranslations were also committed to the success and understanding of the project. We have appreciated the continued support of our global efforts and dedications to providing leading-edge services worldwide.

Steve Walker
Product Manager | Miro Technologies

MadTranslations is: der absolute Wahnsinn, fantástico, ¡increíble! I’ll bet you they even checked my quote to make sure I translated correctly :). MadTranslations is easy to work with, accurate, prompt and delivers on schedule! Don’t bother trying anyone else :).

Heather Janas
Technical Documentation Manager | TotalTrax Inc.

We needed to translate our applications into five languages and we had a deadline due to marketing events. MadTranslations did an excellent job with a quick turnaround. Adding new languages is no longer something we worry about thanks to MadTranslations.

Mont Rothstein
VP of Product Development | Foray Technologies

Working with a very tight schedule of just three weeks, MadTranslations translated our training book from English into German. Not only was the team helpful and professional throughout the entire experience, they answered all of our questions and delivered the project on time. Very pleased!

David Wright
Technical Writer | InfinityQS International

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