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MadCap Training Testimonials

MadCap Flare is a brilliant concept perfectly suited for the world we publish for -- thanks for making this training accessible to all who need it

Ralph Liberto | Remote Senior Level Technical Communications and Design

The online format of the course was extremely effective. I was concerned about sitting in front of the computer for 3 hours stretches, but the time flew! I was particularly impressed with how the CSS focus of the course actually allowed for deeper exploration of additional areas of the software (i.e. in several cases, not only did I learn how to format something, I also learned about what that something was and how to make it work from scratch). Although I was probably less experienced with Flare than many of the other students, I did not feel like I was at any disadvantage. Rather, I am now equipped to tackle bigger and better Flare projects. Thanks for a great course!

Suzy Berman
Metrico Wireless

This is an excellent course. I am going back to my office with confidence that I can implement Flare into our process and produce very usable help for our customers.

Betty Dingman

Excellent course with a good mix of education and entertainment.

David Defurio
Avocent Corporation

This course has proved very beneficial to my personal development. It was well balanced between lecture and hands-on learning. The coursebook is a great educational tool and quick reference.

Jay Wisnosky
ProModel, Corp

I’ve been a RoboHelp user for a little over a year. I’m already delighted with the differences between Flare and RoboHelp, based on this training. The course was well paced, well organized and included plenty of detail for my experience level. There was very little content delivered that doesn’t translate directly to my current needs and use.

David Winship

This was a great class. It was really great to learn new Flare features after using the tool to create several projects. I use the help in Flare a lot but it's always nice to have someone explain features to you.

Tina Olson
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

The instructor has a full understanding of how a tech writer would use this product and offered excellent best practices for using Flare on the job. I can easily apply the techniques learned in this class to my projects.

Linda Morgan

Thank you, what an amazing class this is! Well done to all of you who collaborated on the training manual. There is no question about the amount of time and effort that went into that wonderful guide. And, having Scott DeLoach as the instructor just totally blew me away.

Jude Duniho
Senior Technical Writer | Sabre Holdings

The onsite training was an added benefit. It was great to be able to ask project-specific questions among peers.

Leah Pettrone

I am so glad I took this course. It helped to fill in many gaps in my understanding. Flare is even more powerful that I thought.

M. M.

The instructor was very helpful in suggesting best practices and methods specific to our company’s content and processes.

Brooke McIntosh
Avocent Corporation

Excellent training that makes this complex and powerful product easy to use and attractive.

S. S.

This was time well spent. I am much more confident that Flare was a good choice as a replacement for RoboHelp®.

Adrian Garbacz

The courseware and training imparted was excellent!

Uma Hegde
Senior Technical Writer II | Akamai Technologies

This course has proved very beneficial to my personal development. It was well balanced between lecture and hands-on learning. The coursebook is a great educational tool and quick reference.

Jay Wisnosky
ProModel, Corp.

I am so glad I took this training. Thank you so much for the great training and product.

Tina Olson
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

I’ve been a Robohelp user for a little over a year. I’m already delighted with the differences between Flare and Robohelp, based on this training. The course was well paced, well organized and included plenty of detail for my experience level. There was very little content delivered that doesn’t translate directly to my current needs and use.

David Winship

I really enjoyed taking this course and have become very excited about using Flare in my work. Thank you very much for providing a great course!

Travis Swaim
Software Technical Writer | Top Down Systems

This has to be the best training guide I’ve ever used or seen. I’ve actually worked some in Training doc, so I’ve seen quite a few examples from that and from taking classes. Besides the excellent layout and formatting, I think it broke things down to a simplified level that removed the usual intimidation of learning a new authoring tool. Great job!

Kelly Burch

Thanks so much for teaching a great course. I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot. I’d definitely be interested in taking another class of yours in the future as well.

A. B.

This course was done so much better than others I have taken- like someone read my mind!! I love that you obviously care about what your users think!!

Sue Piazza

I’ve never rated a course this high before... I have been using Flare for a little while, but now have the confidence to do a lot more with it.

Sue Shutz
Onyx Software

  1. I’ve graduated from being a skateboard user to sitting in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari in regards to my newly learned MadCap Flare skills.
  2. It was the best four days of time that I’ve spent in many years.
  3. The money my company paid for me to attend was very well spent. I look forward to implementing my newly learned skills into past, current and future projects.
  4. I had several Oh Wow moments almost every day.
  5. If you ever have a company in the future trying to decide if they should spend the money or not for Flare training, please send them this email and feel free to have them call me. To do otherwise would be a disservice to someone using Flare.

Greg Owens

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This was a great class. I would recommend it to anyone getting started. I can validate from personal experience that these principles provide a sound foundation for developing a quality product.

Tektronix Communications

I had been learning Flare on my own with very little guidance outside of self learning. I had managed to learn a lot on my own and had a fair level of comfort and confidence with the tool. But during the course, there were many moments where my light bulb came on and things suddenly made perfect sense. That feeling is priceless.

Greg Hester

It was a very informative class, and it will definitely help greatly as we make the transition to Flare. Thanks for your help!

Kendra Mallon
Arbor Networks

Not only was he [Scott DeLoach] extremely patient, he went at a perfect pace, and covered everything, including examples, really well. The course was invaluable and he is an excellent trainer!

Barb Conte
iSystems, LLC

Very good class. I recommend it highly! I was familiar with 80% of the content but it still held my attention and filled in some gaps.

Tektronix Communications

Great class! On-line training is very challenging to stay focused for however the material and instructor held my attention. Time actually flew by during the training.

Carolyn Duffy
GMAC Mortgage/Ally Bank

Scott was an excellent instructor and was very helpful. I came into this course with no experience using Flare but found that this course helped me immensely. I also found this very interesting and look forward to using this software.

Dean Hanson

Scott is a good instructor who brings knowledge, enthusiasm, and even fun to this class.

Ann Arnold
Clarity Technical Communications

As someone brand new to Flare, I appreciated the detailed instructions and I found the practice sections at the end of each module very useful. The coursebook is a great guide to refer back to for further details. It is open on my desk right now!

Barb Shields

Scott’s knowledge of Flare and his experience in working with different groups of people enable him to provide good examples and a different perspective on how to use Flare to its fullest capabilities.

Janie Gulley
Tektronix Communications

The instructor provided value added information and tips beyond what was required. I think the Project Mngmt course would be great from this instructor. Scott is beyond helpful. He’s very approachable and has offered his help at anytime we should require it. From my experience, it’s very few instructors who offer that! He’s a very good representative of not only his own company but of the software he teaches. Madcap is fortunate to have him.


The course was great. It was just what I needed to embark on setting up my project.

Darrin Brown

Even though I’m Certified MAD in Flare 8, I learned several things that I didn’t know about–things that I should be using to make my work more efficient. My CSS file is bloated with unnecessary styles, and Scott taught me a few ways to clean those up.

Diana Beebe

I have taken a lot of classes over the years and I have to say that out of all the classes, I am most happy with this one. Classes tend to be dry and it’s usually a struggle to stay awake and focused. Not only did you keep our attention and make it fun but you provided valuable information. I learned a great deal that I would have not have learned otherwise on my own.

Bonnie Whitmire
LabTech Software

I wish there was a way to rank the coursebook higher. This is a highly valuable resource that I will get TONS of use out of going forward. ... I was extremely pleased with the course and would recommend it to anyone needing to better understand Flare.

Josh Berghauser
PNC Mortgage

Excellent course, very glad I got my company to purchase it! WELL DONE!!

Diane Standley
Beckman Coulter

I think the material and presentation in the course is ideal to bring someone to an effective level of Flare expertise. I should have taken this course last year when I started using Flare. … The course and coursebook were well-organized with good coverage on Flare’s extensive functionality. The sample project was very useful for the practice exercises so I didn’t have to spend time setting up my own test project.

Dawn Prey

The course was really well structured. The heavy focus on exercises and the step-by-step manner in which the content was written was really helpful.

Brett Bosworth
Cube Consulting

The course gave me the confidence to use these new features and hopefully improve my productivity (and it also increased my confidence in the product).

Brett Bosworth
Cube Consulting

Scott is an excellent instructor who clearly has extensive knowledge of Flare and its surrounding technologies. He shaped the course to fit the needs of his students, and was fully prepared to answer questions effectively, even if the complexity of the questions were not strictly within the scope of the course itself.

Terence Chan

Scott is a brilliant presenter/instructor.

Heather Allwood

Scott was a GREAT instructor! Online courses can be difficult….but Scott led us through each module efficiently and effectively. He answered all questions and it was fabulous of him to be available after the course, in case we had additional questions. Would definitely take another course if Scott were the instructor…


This course was a great introduction to MadCap. I appreciated Scott’s knowledge and honesty about the product, and how he pointed out shortcuts and efficient ways to accomplish tasks using MadCap.

Keri Mucci

I can’t thank you enough Scott…it was a great class and exactly what I was looking for. Going from zero/zippo Flare skills or experience, to feeling way more confident now as I start to design our project. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


I have to say, going Mad with MadSkills training cannot be over done in my opinion. With every course, every webinar, every learning accommodation provided by MadCap Software, I learn, I grow, and I understand more than I did before I undertook the training. MadCap is truly special in how it chooses to grow its user base.

Don Rasky
Mitchell International, Inc.

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I’ve been using Flare for 2+ years, after switching from RoboHelp®, which I used for many, many years. And I totally agree with Riley’s comments on product comparison, the awfully disappointing releases of RH after Adobe® purchased it, and his VERY polite comparison of dealing with Adobe® vs MadCap. MadCap sales, support, and training are all excellent. I believe that having a working knowledge of MadCap Flare would definitely help you in your job search. I attended MadCap’s online training for new/intermediate users after purchasing the product, and it was very helpful.

Kathleen (KC) Cabral

I just completed a week of training in La Jolla, California using MadCap Software, Inc. It was an amazing class. I can hardly wait to get started using my new skills. A special thank you to Mike Hamilton & his crew for their first class service.

Kathy White
Tri-State Generation & Transmission

This was my first online course from MadCap Software and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The training materials were prepared in an easy-to-follow format and Scott was very knowledgeable in the subject matter. I walked away with many improvements I can make to my current projects and feel more confident in making those changes as well as working with responsive design.

N. B.

Scott’s courses were very informative but well-paced enough to never feel overwhelming. I found his suggestions for best practices to be especially helpful.

Andrew Tse
Riva Modeling Systems Inc.

I have been working with Flare since its inception, and I’ve also taken CSS online courses, yet I still learned a lot from this class with Scott. It was well worth taking this class.

Candee Hellberg

Thanks so much for the training. The team here ended each day full of ideas to use Flare and improve their workflow. The training you provided was clear and so helpful and a pleasure to attend!

K. K.

As a software engineer, I often need to update our product documentation using Flare. However it was always a daunting task for me. This course allows me to understand the logic behind Flare workflow and I feel much more confident now.

Eugene Plaoude

Just returned from MadCap Software’s MadCamp training in lovely La Jolla, and it was *excellent*: Content and pacing were great. Glad that we chose Flare and its suite of products for our tech docs, as it’s quite clear that they developed them for technical writers and with our needs in mind; something that you don’t see all that often, even in products marketed to us.

Lisa A Wathen
Senior Technical Writer | Tormach