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Customer Onboarding

Find the Package that is Right for You

The onboarding packages provided by MadSkills are designed to get your team up to speed with MadCap Flare so you can hit the ground running. With customized packages, you will be able to maximize your team’s productivity, and ensure a seamless transition to your new MadCap Software tools.

Packages can be tailored to fit your team’s needs, size and requirements using a combination of the below options. If you are looking for that customized package, contact us to get started with an obligation-free onboarding package proposal.

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What Your Package Can Include

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  • Product implementation and integration
  • Legacy product migration
  • Best practices for technical communication and content development
  • Responsive HTML5, print and mobile content development
  • Best practices and migration from print or PDF only to responsive online and mobile
  • Workflow management and best practices
  • Style-sheet and template creation
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Certified Training

  • Private on-site or web-based product training for your team
  • Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Training
  • Single Sourcing
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)