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What We Offer

MadCap Software offers more than just a product; we provide a team of top-tier experts to assist with your CCMS deployment. Find the ideal component content management solution for your company today.

IXIASOFT is honest, dynamic and responsive. It has a clear, long-term vision for its CMS and welcomes customer input into what new features could be implemented to maintain its best-in-class nature.

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Anna Hartman Manager, Technical Publications Solutions, Sybase

Our Professional Services

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Content Modeling

  • Reuse strategies
  • Information model definition and/or validation
  • Specializations and constraints development
  • DITA and component content management best practices
  • Key design and optimization
  • Aid with DITA Style Guide creation
  • Customized Schematron error-checking code
  • Architect audience-specific content
  • Help craft Subject Scheme metadata usage
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Content Migration

  • Legacy content
  • Localized content
  • From other component content management solutions
  • Content conversion to DITA
  • Determine optimal publication sets to migrate
  • Format-specific content migration solutions
  • Aid in image transfer
  • Automate mass transfers of content
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Configuration & Customization

  • Workflow configuration to fit with your business processes, including localization processes and Dynamic Release Management design
  • Custom feature development
  • Integration with existing applications
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  • Third party DITA Open Toolkit plugins such as oXygen WebHelp and Miramo
  • Dynamic delivery tools such as Fluid Topics, DITAweb, and Zoomin
  • Custom DITA Open Toolkit plugins
  • XSL development
  • Integration with existing applications
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Solution Training

  • Comprehensive DITA training
  • In-depth administrator and end-user workshops
  • Effective content transfer for Subject Matter Experts
  • DITA Open Toolkit training
  • Back-end management training for on-premise installations
  • Assist with Agile integration of your component content management documentation processes
  • Help create a comprehensive content strategy
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Ongoing Assistance

  • Upgrade assistance
  • Planning and integration of new teams
  • DITA consultancy
  • Effective ROI and strategic metrics gathering
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