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Solutions to Streamline Content Delivery

Innovative software solutions designed to streamline the creation of technical documentation, learning & development programs and much more.

Technical Documentation

Streamline the creation of any type of technical documentation including self-service support websites, online Help, user guides, documentation portals and much more.

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print and web documentation

Learning & Development

Create, manage and build engaging learning & development programs and interactive eLearning courses while reusing content across projects and teams within your organization.

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learning and development output shown on laptop

IFU Software

Instructions for Use (IFU) are needed for medical devices and equipment to detail proper use. MadCap Flare makes creating and maintaining these documents easy.

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Technical Writing

Create outstanding technical documentation that engages, educates, and empowers your readers.

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User Manuals

Create exceptional user manuals, instruction manuals, and documentation.

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Parts Catalog

Revolutionize Your Parts Catalog Experience with MadCap Flare

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Training Manuals and eLearning Guides

Easily assemble content into different learning modules and exercise materials.

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Policies and Procedures

Save time managing policies and procedures in a single location rather than hundreds of Word documents and PDFs.

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API and SDK Documentation

Documenting application programming interfaces and software developer kits requires a topic-based authoring approach to content development.

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Knowledge Bases and Corporate Intranets

Topic-based authoring makes organizing knowledge base articles in a structured hierarchy easy.

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Medical, Regulatory and Compliance Documents

Producing content in highly regulated industries requires effective safeguards, including content consistency and content reusability with advanced single-sourcing.

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Translation and Localization Management

Reduce costs and improve your translation and localization workflow with advanced translation management.

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Cloud-based Editing, Publishing, Project & Content Management

An integrated authoring, project and content management system designed to streamline the entire content development lifecycle.

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Interactive Demos, Screen Captures, Tutorials and Software Simulations

MadCap Capture and Mimic allows organizations to create and manage multimedia content in one central location.

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