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MadCap Webinar Testimonials

I find the webinars extremely helpful in giving me updates, tips and new ideas on how to improve the way I work. MadCap ROCKS! I love your software, so keep up the good work in the years to come!

The webinars have been a brilliant resource for me. The hour-long sessions are just the right length to keep my attention and I can access them whenever I want. They focus on specific subjects in such a clear, fun, logical and structured way – making it so easy to remember and replicate the skills I’ve learned. The webinars make me feel part of the MadCap community; the enthusiasm of all the presenters is tangible – they really care that I learn and benefit from their knowledge. And the best bit is that the knowledge I gain is not just about MadCap’s software – it’s about current documentation best practice, methodologies and standards as well. All that useful information, and for free? In times when training budgets are so constrained, how good is that? Thank you so much!

Carol Ivatts
Documentation and Training Consultant | Steria Limited

I’ve been using Flare for 2+ years, after switching from RoboHelp®, which I used for many, many years. And I totally agree with Riley’s comments on product comparison, the awfully disappointing releases of RH after Adobe® purchased it, and his VERY polite comparison of dealing with Adobe® vs MadCap. MadCap sales, support, and training are all excellent. I believe that having a working knowledge of MadCap Flare would definitely help you in your job search. I attended MadCap’s online training for new/intermediate users after purchasing the product, and it was very helpful.

Kathleen (KC) Cabral

I’ve been a tech writer 30 years (1/2 of that time in management) and this webinar was FANTASTIC. It was technically flawless and the chat was interesting and smooth. I trust and respect all the presenters and really appreciated them presenting their informed opinions about the future as well as technical tips during chat.

Deb Wible

My mind has been blown – I’ve been using MadCap Flare since version 6 and have never used reports or file tags! I think I’m going to cry with delight!

Jenny Richards
Technical Author | FIS Global

Thanks for all the excellent Flare webinars. They helped me to ditch RoboHelp® and switch to Flare.

John Espirian
Technical Writer | Espirian

Both I and my fellow technical writer found that webinar VERY useful! We ran a customized report with MadCap Analyzer after the webinar, and my fellow writer spent much of the next two days improving our main project with the hints we’d gleaned from the webinar.

Blane Little
Documentation Manager | eSignLive

I found Matthew Ellison’s webinar with MadCap Software to be one of the most helpful webinars for me yet. We are excited to implement some of the features that were discussed. Thank you for continuing to offer these informative webinars to your users on a regular basis.

Helene Skopek-Krygier
Documentation Specialist II | Corporate Applications

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