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Enterprise-class Component Content Management System (CCMS)

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Enterprise-class Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

MadCap Flare

On-prem Topic-based Authoring and Publishing

MadCap Central

Your hub for streamlined content collaboration and management


Enterprise-class Component Content Management System (CCMS)

MadCap Xyleme

Enterprise-class Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Streamline the technical communication process with our enterprise-class CCMS. It’s a scalable, adaptable, and collaborative component content management system. The results will speak for themselves.

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We absolutely want reusable and componentized content to be managed in the DITA format, and with all the authoring tools being used across the organization, we needed a system that offered both scalability and flexibility. That's where IXIA CCMS came in.

Michael Iantosca,
Sr. Director of Platform & Tools

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Create and deliver personalized content to customers when and where they need it with a DITA CCMS.

MadCap IXIA CCMS is a component content management solution designed to streamline your technical communication process. As an enterprise-class DITA CCMS based on the DITA standard (Darwin Information Typing Architecture), our solution can be tailored to meet your needs. This open XML-based method of managing and creating technical publications, offers technical writers the ability to create and manage technical documents with ease.

Now you can brand, publish and host IXIA CCMS content seamlessly with MadCap Central. Learn More

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Metso, a global leader in mining technology, evolved from Microsoft® Word to MadCap IXIA CCMS to streamline its documentation process.

What’s Your Role? We developed MadCap IXIA CCMS features with you in mind.


MadCap IXIA CCMS makes it easy for technical writers to do what they do best: create high-quality, accurate content.

Advanced Writing – Quality Content – Professional Tools – Agile Docs – DITA Authoring

Built with the oXygen XML Editor, our product simplifies each step of the process, including authoring, collaborating with other authors or SMEs, and reviewing content with editors. Key features include Track Changes Review and Collaborative Review.

built-in writing icon

Built-in Professional Writing Features

With the popular oXygen XML Editor built-in, IXIA CCMS has everything you need to start working right off the hop. DITA technical writing is made more efficient with the features of this editor. While new writers can take advantage of the Word-like Author mode, experienced technical writers benefit from the tag-level precision of Text mode. The product includes spell-check, on-the-fly XML validation, and other powerful features.

Whether you’re a novice or expert DITA-based content creator, we’ll have you producing quality content and technical documentation from day one.

collaborate icon

Collaborate with Peers

With robust workflow and search capabilities, our product makes it easy for writers to find content for reuse, and route it to editors, SMEs, and other reviewers prior to translation or publication. Our Word-like web interface hides the complexity of DITA, enabling anyone to create DITA-based content, regardless of XML knowledge. Advanced features in the integrated desktop environment provide writers the ability to find topics for reuse and manage them among team members.

Collaborate and share reusable content with your peers.

version management icon

Version Management

Losing content is a thing of the past. IXIA CCMS automatically keeps track of all revisions and comments. Revert to previous revisions, use a diff compare tool to highlight differences between revisions, or take advantage of the IXIA CCMS Snapshot feature to record the state of an entire document at a specific point in time.

If on the fifth rewrite you realized the first version was the best, you can easily revert content. Full audit trail capabilities are also provided.

advanced writing icon

Advanced Writing Features

To improve the overall quality of your content, use Schematron within oXygen XML Editor to enable in-house style rules. To get a better handle on content production metrics, check out our variety of built-in tools based on DITA best practices.

Improving and measuring content quality has never been easier.

innovation icon

Boost Content Quality and Productivity with AI

Refine your content creation with the Oxygen Positron AI Assistant. AI Positron enhances grammar, style, and content quality, providing real-time suggestions directly in the Oxygen XML Editor.

AI Positron assists your authors in producing error-free, polished, engaging documentation efficiently, ensuring your work meets the highest standards. Reduce the effort on repetitive tasks, improve content analysis and overcome writer’s block directly within the XML Editor.

Optimize Content with AI Positron Assistant.

content search icon

Lightning-Fast Content Search

Regardless of content repository size, IXIA CCMS provides incredibly fast search results, eliminating the headache of sifting through old content and legacy DITA projects for reuse. Extensive metadata associated with each topic allows your team to find content written by individual SMEs or other contributors, content produced in a specific time frame, content produced in other languages, and much more.

Finding reusable content faster means you’ll have more time to craft new, brilliant content. There’s no time to waste!

Other Features

  • Advanced DITA Map editor 
  • Dependencies View 
  • Task assignment 
  • Image management 
  • Support for MathML 
  • Red line compare 
  • Easily browse images—including SVG—for insertion into documents 
  • Associate non-DITA source content (Word, FrameMaker, image sources, etc.) with DITA content for reference 
  • Works with any version of the DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) 


Create content with ease. MadCap IXIA CCMS makes it easy to contribute, review and approve content—no DITA knowledge required!

Easy to Use for Non-DITA Experts – Word-like Content Creating Experience — Helpful User Guides – Customizable Templates

Experience the rise of the subject matter expert (SME) as an author with MadCap IXIA CCMS.

create content icon

Create Content with an Intuitive Web Editor—No DITA Knowledge Required

Subject matter experts are critical to the documentation process. Increasingly, Contributors like SMEs, product and software engineers, regulatory experts, insurance specialists, and medical staff, are becoming the primary authors of technical content. They have the knowledge necessary to produce accurate, quality documentation. But they don’t necessarily know DITA.

IXIA CCMS offers an intuitive and easy-to-use Word-like web editor for content contributors—whether they are familiar with DITA or not.

navigate workspace icon

Navigate Your Workspace with Online Help

With IXIA CCMS, Contributors have access to a variety of user guides. Online help is available directly in the system and provides users with guided technical authoring for templates and web forms.

quality assurance icon

Get Guaranteed Quality Assurance

Produce nothing but the best content with IXIA CCMS. Explore our out-of-the-box integration with products like the DITA QA plugin and Acrolinx. Acrolinx is an AI-powered platform that eliminates content chaos and delivers strategy-aligned content at an enterprise scale. It integrates with oXygen to guide authors in creating content that adheres to your style and grammar guidelines, providing immediate feedback as to word choice, reading level, and tone. Additionally, you can score your content to see what’s good and what needs improvement. Acrolinx is highly customizable, so you can provide exactly the level of feedback your writers need.

customize templates icon

Customize Templates for Contributing Content

IXIA CCMS is customizable to use templates to input regular content types. The UX can also be customized to provide guidance and validation rules. Whether you’re an electrical engineer looking to update values for a microchip, a medical professional entering information into a standardized form, or a software developer updating a value in API documentation, IXIA CCMS makes life easier. Standardized content can be turned into templates for easy input or updating.

Other Features

  • Create, edit, and review content 
  • Insert images and tables 
  • Collaborate with other Contributors 
  • Fully DITA compliant 
  • Administrators can define templates/forms and validation rules to simplify and guide the editing action 
  • Track documents and comments from start to finish with Track Changes Review, just like in Word


Give your content the love it deserves. Review content the right way with MadCap IXIA CCMS.

Intuitive UI – Accelerates Content Review – Incorporated into Documentation Workflow – Accessible on any Device

Content review is imperative to documentation teams. Ensure your content gets the love it needs with the help of MadCap IXIA CCMS.

collaborate icon

Attain a Cohesive Workflow with Collaborative Review

As Reviewers, multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) can comment with the context of a map on a topic at the same time. In Collaborative Review, users don’t directly edit the content. Instead, they comment or “annotate” what’s there. This way, the SME can go through the content they have been asked to review, and comment on anything they want changed or added. With our authoring tools, annotations are displayed in line with the appropriate topic.

track documents icon

Track Documents from Start to Finish with Track Changes Review

With Track Changes Review, users can now track who did what, when, and why. When users check -in a topic, map or image into the CCMS, it is versioned. Now, you can right-click on the topic wherever it appears (either search or within a map), right-click and select “revision history.” It shows you when the changes were made, who made them, the user comments on the changes, and any other relevant info. With this feature, users will always have previous versions to revert to.

annotate icon

Annotate Directly at the Topic Level

Experience a more cohesive workflow with the Reviewer for IXIA CCMS. SMEs can review content on any device. Technical writers are able to concentrate on what they do best: communicate with users and become more effective mediators for providing information. IXIA CCMS renders the technical documentation workflow more accurate and efficient.

map-level approval icon

Map-Level Approval

The map-level approval component has the technical controls necessary for working in an FDA-CFR-21 environment, with both map-level approval (multiple approvers) and source topic-level approval (one approver). The feature is customizable with the approval mechanism and is medical-device friendly.

Other Features

  • Users annotate content that has been assigned to them 
  • Browser-based annotation tool – easy/intuitive to use 
  • Multiple users can review the same content at the same time 
  • Other Reviewers’ comments are shown in side panel 
  • Users can reply to other users’ comments 
  • Review with the look and feel of a final document, which is configurable

Information Architect

Improve documentation processes and results. MadCap IXIA CCMS puts you in the driver’s seat. How you adjust the system to fit with your business workflow is entirely up to you.

Quality Content – Project Modeling – Flexible Workflows – Dynamic Release Management

MadCap IXIA CCMS includes features for managing complex documentation workflows, measuring productivity, tracking progress, and more. Information architects will notice improved documentation processes and outcomes not just at the onset, but in the long-term.

right tools icon

The Right Tools for Producing Consistent, Quality Content

IXIA CCMS provides information architects with the necessary tools to structure new content and measure content production.

Improved documentation quality makes for satisfied customers.

project management icon

Project Management View

Use the Project Management view to assign members of your team to write content, add SMEs for reviews, and ensure the right people approve content before it goes out the door. You can also designate the localization languages for each document.

Manage your documentation projects instead of having them manage you.

access rights icon

Create Parameters with Access Rights

In IXIA CCMS, access rights are determined by roles, groups, and workflow state. These parameters are used to determine if and when users have access to specific content. Access rights are managed through an easy-to-use WYSIWYG admin tool.

Easily manage who can access what, from where.

flexible workflow icon

Flexible Workflow

The workflow engine of IXIA CCMS is flexible. Each content object can follow its own approval cycle. Features like task assignments and email triggers make it easy to track due dates. Our product ensures timely and quality delivery of all documentation.

Improve your existing document approval workflows.

branching and DRM icon

Branching and Dynamic Release Management (DRM)

IXIA CCMS provides out-of-the-box branching features to support the maintenance of versioned sets of documentation. Dynamic Release Management (DRM) is an optional module enabling greater flexibility and clarity for managing product releases.

Experience unparalleled publication flexibility for any product release.

Other Features

  • Creating/adding DITA specializations and constraints 
  • Creating and applying all types of metadata, taxonomy, labels 
  • Using stubs allows for quick creation and testing 
  • Creating templates for the writing teams 
  • Support for keys and other advanced DITA features 

Localization Manager

Control localization costs. Looking for efficient, cost-effective localization? MadCap IXIA CCMS is your premier enterprise content and component management choice for handling structured content.

Cost-effective Translation – Nimble Localization – Same-ship Docs

Whether you’re preparing documentation in multiple languages for a release date or trying to find the most cost-effective way to localize product content, IXIA CCMS has the tools and localization strategy you need.

hit deadlines icon

Hit Deadlines Faster with Incremental Localization

IXIA CCMS is known for its flexibility. Waiting around for a document is frustrating and time-consuming. Save time by sending translation packages as soon as source content is ready, without waiting for the entire project.

Save time and increase efficiency.

Integrate  icon

Integrate seamlessly with TMS using Localization Scheduler

The Localization Scheduler allows you to stay organized by connecting IXIA CCMS with any TMS (Translation Management System) including SDL World Server, Trados, XTM Suite etc.

No more waiting for manual manipulation of content to be sent to your vendor. Localization Scheduler automatically sends content to your translation vendor or directly to your TMS.

Streamline your translation processes

omni-channel icon

Omni-Channel, Multi-Language Publication In-House

Instead of paying your localization service provider for localized publications, IXIA CCMS enables multi-language output for a wide range of publication types, including PDF, HTML, online help formats, and more. The system is fully UNICODE compliant; it can work with any language. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with code pages and associated processing costs.

A localization strategy compatible with any language.

reduce word count icon

Reduced Word Count Makes Creating Localization Kits Easy

IXIA CCMS’s localization strategy supports both native DITA and XLIFF formats, providing flexibility for use with popular Translation Management Systems (TMS). Create localization kits automatically when your content is ready to send to your localization service provider. The system also reuses existing translations to substantially reduce translation costs.

Automated systems alleviate stress.

reduce cost icon

Reduce Localization Costs

Who doesn’t love saving money? IXIA CCMS is smart enough to automatically reuse previously translated content. Material that has already been translated is never sent out twice, significantly reducing cost per word, and ensuring a high-quality standard.

More money in your pocket.

localization and QA icon

Effective Localization QA

IIXIA CCMS automatically checks the validity of content when it comes back from a localization service provider, so XML formatting issues are spotted before entering the system. Localization QA can be performed by an internal person familiar with the language using our Collaborative Review tool.

Ensures clean, concise, well-formatted content.

Product Manager

Deliver product documentation on time, every time.

Dynamic Publishing – Efficient Documentation – Customizable PDFs

Your customers expect personalized content. With a DITA-based system, you can speak their language while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

dynamic publishing icon

Dynamic Delivery, Hosting, Branding, Publishing and real-time analytics with MadCap Central

IXIA CCMS now integrates with Central offering the full ecosystem for publishing, branding, hosting and real-time analytics of your DITA content. IXIA CCMS remains compatible with many other publishing and dynamic Content Delivery Platforms (CDP).  

Note: IXIA CCMS still integrates with other third-party applications such as Zoomin and Fluid Topics 

Save time, increase efficiency, and gain insights on content use.

document production icon

Efficient Document Production

At MadCap Software, we are pioneers in dynamic publishing software. Content reuse not only provides a more consistent customer experience, it also saves time. Your writers can focus on producing new, better targeted documentation. In addition, each object (topic, image, map) is tracked from creation to delivery with version control, providing complete traceability on who modified what, when and why.

More time for what matters most: creating stellar content.

xhtml publication icon

Efficient XHTML Publication

IXIA CCMS is compatible with numerous sophisticated publishing tools. Transform DITA content into an organized online help system with IXIA CCMS extension oXygen WebHelp for IXIA CCMS. Turn technical content into clean, sleek, and informative HTML pages. User interfaces can be enhanced with a highly customizable table of contents, text search capabilities, index navigation, and various delivery formats. Discover full-text-search capabilities, automatic index generation, and table of contents navigation with this out-of-the-box option.

Total control over content delivery.

customizable PDFs icon

Sleek, Customizable PDFs

Making great PDFs is an important part of the publishing and branding process. Discover the possibility of creating a PDF template from scratch in with the DITA- OT plugin, with the Miramo for IXIA CCMS add-on or generate PDF files using the Antenna House Formatter rendering engine.

Save big with IXIA CCMS.

Enhance your content lifecycle with our scalable publishing engine, now integrated with MadCap Central for hosting, branding, publishing, and analyzing your content—delivering a superior customer experience.

System Administrator

Monitor, manage, and control your workspace the right way.

Access Rights – Robust, Enterprise-Class DITA CCMS – REST API- Configurable and Extensible

MadCap IXIA CCMS is a powerful and feature-rich system.

hosted service icon

Hosted Service = No Installation Hassles

IXIA CCMS is a fully hosted service on Amazon’s robust Cloud Computing Services (it’s also available and/or on premise). Choose your preferred bundle of services and features, and the system will be up and running. Any software updates are coordinated well beforehand, alleviating unwanted surprises for you and your team.

A stress-free installation process.

enterprise class icon

Robust and Enterprise-Class

IXIA CCMS is a highly scalable solution with hundreds of users. It provides an easily accessible content store to global organizations with dispersed documentation teams.

A product designed to grow alongside your business.

third-party tools icon

Working with Third-Party Tools Made Easy

IXIA CCMS is based on an API compatible with just about any major third-party web-based tool. The system can be integrated with dynamic publishing platforms, translation management systems, customer relationship systems like Salesforce, and more.

A robust API for working with third-party tools.

MadCap IXIA CCMS is a world-leading XML documentation solution for you and your customers.

Meet Customer Expectations

Deliver high-quality, personalized content to your customers in any language and on any device with DITA CCMS. With MadCap IXIA’s release management, your organization can support different release schedules and parallel content development.

Quicker Time-To-Market

Increase your organization’s competitive edge by simplifying the management of multiple product releases. You’ll eliminate setbacks and accelerate your time-to-market. Join a community of leaders with MadCap IXIA CCMS.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

MadCap IXIA CCMS makes teamwork easy. Using a single platform, all members, including authors, reviewers, SMEs, and localization managers can collaborate and contribute.

Unlimited Scalability

Your company can rely on our XML documentation solution for its flexibility for the long haul—no matter how much your documentation needs to grow. MadCap Software is proud to work with industry leaders in the field, with the majority of customers reaching over $1 billion in annual revenue.

Speak with an IXIA CCMS expert today!

Streamline your technical communication process using our enterprise-class DITA-based component content management system.

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