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I have used other source control systems with Flare, and they have each had their challenges. The MadCap Central solution is so easy and works so well – I think it’s a no-brainer!

Kate Montressor
Senior Technical Writer,
SilverPeak, Inc.

“Tracking multiple projects with multiple authors in multiple statuses can be confusing and downright challenging. MadCap Central’s management dashboard – which is tightly integrated with MadCap Flare – will go a long way toward making project management smooth and efficient.”
—Neil Perlin | President, Hyper/Word Services
“My biggest struggle as a manager is managing the production schedule and the individual tasks that rollup into the milestones for deliverables. How do I keep track of what tasks need to be done by when…”
—Jamie Roddy | Manager of Technical Communications, Sabre Corporation
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“In contrast to CCMS systems, which simply store and manage your content in a central database, Madcap Central tackles the publishing and content delivery aspect of content. Pushing the latest updates to your project online in a quick and easy way gives you many advantages in the context of DocOps and agile.

You no longer need to use separate systems for source control, task management, permissions, and other details. It’s all contained and managed within one central hub. Overall, Madcap Central provides a much-needed publishing and content delivery solution for tech docs.”
—Tom Johnson| Technical Writer, Blogger at I’d Rather Be Writing
“I really like the idea of having a central place where we can see all of our projects and be able to associate tasks.”
—Daniel Lemke | Technical Writer, Thomson Reuters

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