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I just downloaded the Flare 2017 r2 release and built my online output. The build time went down from 7 minutes, 48 seconds to just 2 minutes, 8 seconds. Fantastic! It’s even better than in Flare 12! I’m lost for words.
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Åsa Sundin
Technical Writer,

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“Flare is off the charts, so much better than any other writing tool I’ve used. Keep at it! I believe it’s the best on the market.”
—Kathi Hennebry | Cymphonix
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“With MadCap Flare, I can release both online help and PDF manuals the same day as the latest release. With the advent of responsive design, one file suffices for both desktop and mobile; the PDF output requires only the addition of a cover page with NO hand adjustments. Bliss!”
—Rowan Polly | Technical Writer, Tyler Technologies
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“There is simply no better solution than MadCap Flare if you need multiple output formats, content conditioning, single-sourcing, source control integration, or context-sensitive help, all in an easy-to-use package. It doesn’t get any better than this.”
—Mike Kelley | Principal Information Developer, inContact
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“MadCap Flare is the most versatile tool I’ve used in more than 10 years as a Technical Writer. I would recommend it above all of the other options because it’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and it allows you to create highly dynamic documentation for any audience, consumed on any medium.”
—John Moore | Lead Technical Writer, Extreme Networks
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“It was the easiest transition, learning curve, and solution I have ever seen in a software, ever! It is intuitive, surprising, and even teaches you through example. I’m amazed and will be hard pressed to ever move away from MadCap Flare for any reason. Now I’m looking for more reasons and ways to use Flare in our daily operations.”
—Theresa J. Coyle | CAD Tech/Tech Pub Writer, Environmental Compliance, and Digital Artist, Henke Manufacturing
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“Before we used MadCap Flare, it took 40+ hours to update all of our user guides even when all we changed was the software release number and release date on the covers. Now it takes me about an hour, all alone, because I’ve automated it all in Flare.”
—Michelle LeTeigner | Documentation Manager, Compusearch
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“Once you have learned the basics, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish. MadCap Flare can help you look like a superstar with what you will be able to create.”
—Linda Williams | WebHelp Developer, Intradiem
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“My company has over 30 documentation projects for software applications that are updated using agile development, and requests for major and minor changes arrive continually. We need to keep on top of the job, and Flare allows us to achieve this.”
—Nigel Bennett | Senior Technical Writer, Confirmit
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“There is so much you can do with MadCap Flare when it comes to single-source publishing. The more I learn, the more impressed I am with this.”
—Rosa Davis | Hospitality and Ticketing Operations Professional, Cirque du Soleil
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“I have been using MadCap Flare for about six years for help authoring and PDF production. Once I developed the style sheets, writing became the focus not wrestling with the tool. Managing styles across multiple projects is a breeze, much easier than in tools with embedded style sheets.”
—Dave Menges | Technical Writer, KMC Controls