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Create Screen Recordings and Capture Video for Simulations, Demos & More

Creating engaging content for your customers and employees is crucial. MadCap Capture and Mimic allows organizations to create and manage multimedia content in one central location.

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MadCap Mimic and Capture screen recording software is terrific-we can insert text into our screen capture or graphics, and then send that text to our translators to translate without them having to use an actual graphic tool.

Ken Schatzke | Senior Technical Writer, SMART Technologies

Why MadCap Capture and Mimic?


  • Interactive Demos
  • Screen Capture and Recordings
  • Tutorials
  • Software Simulations
  • Videos


  • Technical Writers
  • Documentation Managers
  • Content Strategists
  • User Assistance Specialists
  • Technical Publications Managers
  • Technical Communicators

Streamline Multimedia Content Creation

Maximize Content Reuse for Images and Video

Repurpose multimedia content across projects by applying the same variables and conditions used for text to movies, callouts and images.

The power of single sourcing in MadCap Capture and Mimic is fantastic. Being able to use variables, conditions in your call-outs, and being able to translate your call outs is a huge time saver. And it makes your life so much easier.

Paul Pehrson
Certified MadCap Flare Trainer & Consultant | DocGuy Training

Easily Create Highly Interactive Content

MadCap Mimic helps organizations easily create visual assets - interactive movies, eLearning videos, simulations, presentations, tutorials from in-house video recording and captures - so users can digest information.

We are making tutorial videos based on what customers are searching for. Using MadCap Mimic really takes our online Help to the next level.

Stefan Steinbauer
Head of Documentation and Translation | Tricentis

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