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MadCap Flare 2021 r2 Introduces Major New Features for Learning & Development Programs and eLearning Content

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Solutions | Translation Management and CAT Tools

Our translation management solution offers a superior workflow for translators and documentation teams to reach their audience in any language.

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With MadCap Lingo’s translation management, we get visibility into which topics have already been translated. In many instances, half the project is already translated for us. Having this automated process has really improved our efficiency.

SANDRA GARCIA | Localization Manager, FireEye

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Why MadCap Lingo?

Used to Translate

  • Technical Documentation
  • Websites
  • Software UI
  • Technical Brochures
  • User Guides
  • Instruction Manuals

Used By

  • Technical Writers
  • Documentation Teams
  • Translators
  • Language Service Providers

Translation Management Designed for Efficiency

Reduce Costs and Improve Your Localization Workflow

Leverage advanced translation management tools like a translation memory and maintain consistency when managing your projects. With our translation software, you will never have to translate the same string of content more than once!

“We were already using MadCap Flare for our help authoring, and wanted to use MadCap Lingo to build up an internal database of translated documentation, both to reduce future translation costs and to maintain consistency.”

Technical Writer | Snap-on

Simplify Translation Across Multiple Languages

Maintain formatting and other critical elements for your source language yet, easily publish localized content to your global audience, no matter the scale.

“The biggest benefit of MadCap Lingo’s integration with Flare is it ensures that whatever formatting we have applied to our HTML5 Help and PDF files will come out exactly the same way in all other languages. As a result, we’re able to seamlessly generate those outputs into different formats for our global customers.”

Senior Technical Writer | SMART Technologies

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