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Technical Documentation for Help Documentation, Self-Service Websites, and More

Technical writers and documentation managers around the globe rely on MadCap Software’s powerful single-source authoring tool and multi-channel publishing capabilities to streamline content delivery.

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Machine Vision Devices

Cognex, the World's Leading Provider of Machine Vision, Switches to MadCap Software to Deliver a Searchable Knowledge Base, Multiple PDF User Guide Documents in Eight Languages and a Modern Documentation Website.

ROI Icon Up 41 percent

Increase in Self-Help and Knowledge Base Views

Using Flare, we’ve been able to provide our customers with an easy-to-navigate knowledge base that helps them quickly find answers to common problems. In our first year, we saw a 41% increase in page views over the original knowledge base site.

photo of Kellie Freeman

Kellie FreemanPrincipal Technical Writer, Cognex Corporation

Create Better Technical Documentation and Online Help

Take Advantage of Advanced Authoring and Publishing Capabilities

Topic-based authoring and single-source publishing simplify the creation and delivery of technical documentation, online Help websites, user manuals and other support portals. Ease of use combined with unmatched versatility makes Flare the best technical writing software for authoring and publishing, making it the leading choice for any technical writing or documentation team.

Flare’s topic-based authoring has saved us hundreds of hours per year. We can now get new content out to production within hours of coming up with an idea simply by copying and pasting the TOCs and mixing in existing content.

Eyal Traitel | Vice President of Technical Operations, Reduxio Systems

Improve User Experience with Self-Service Support and Online Help Portals

Reduce support calls by providing your customers with great user documentation. Modern, user-friendly support portals and websites provide content that is easily searchable and help deliver superior content experiences. Through the use of micro content and other advanced search capabilities, empower your users to find the answers they need quickly, freeing up your technical support team to handle only the most complicated issues.

Our support team is seeing anywhere from a 10 percent to 30 percent drop in ‘how-to’ calls, which suggests that customers find it easier to follow the Help instructions.

Riyaz Adamjee | Manager of Communications Services, CCC Information Services Inc.

Control the Look and Feel of Your Content with Modern Web and Print Design

Snippets, conditional tags, and CSS enable content developers to customize and format content for different audiences, countries and products, as well as control the look and feel of your content to match brand guidelines. And by single-sourcing your content, you can create a variety of output formats, including printed manuals, electronic user guides, interactive content for a mobile device, online documentation, or more. Multiple versions of the same source content or document sets can be developed with speed and ease.

With the TOC and CSS features in Flare, we can experiment on creating the page we want, and we are constantly republishing when we make little changes. The flexibility Flare gives us to arrange content quickly is a huge bonus.

Cameron Stewart | Technical Publications Product Manager, xMatters

Featured Webinar: Blended Technical Documentation, Help and eLearning

eLearning Software

84.51° Replaces Traditional LMS with MadCap Flare and MadCap Central to Power Stratum Learning Center

Agile Delivery ROI Icon

LMS Replaced with Agile Delivery of How-To Guides, Training Content and More

Key Takeaways:

  • Reduced content duplication with significant Help and eLearning content reuse
  • Single end-user portal and search with consistent UI for seamless end-user experience
  • Costs savings (no need for non-integrated and external LMS)
  • Integrated multiple applications in one seamless experience including Articulate 360®, WalkMe®, Vimeo®, calendar events for Zoom® training courses and more
  • Multiple publishing deliverables for different audiences, customers and white-label partners – all from a single-source
  • Advanced search and improved self-help using MadCap Flare’s micro content functionality
  • Analytics and reporting for continuous content improvement lifecycle using MadCap Central

Maximize Your Return on Investment Across the Enterprise

Reduced Development Time by 50%, Cut Localization Costs by 68% and Improved Self-Help by 40%

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Cut Time Spent on Client Support by 2,400 Hours in Just Six Months

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Cut Costs by Replacing Traditional CMS Solution

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