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Create API and SDK Documentation for Software Developers

Documenting application programming interface or APIs and software developer kits (SDK) requires a topic-based authoring approach to content development.

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Keep in mind that the primary audiences of APIs are software developers. They tend to be very direct, factual, and interested in what the software does, not in any marketing hype about how well, fast, easy to use some tool is to use, and so on.

Ed Marshall | Technical Writer, Marshall Documentation Consulting

Why MadCap Flare?


  • API Documentation
  • SDK Documentation
  • Developer Resource Guides


  • Technical Writers
  • Software Developer and Coders

Create API and SDK Documentation

Organize and Manage Content with Ease

You don't need programming experience when writing API documentation, but you do need a good documentation solution that makes it easy to organize and manage content.

APIs have no graphical interface; therefore, our customers only receive documentation and credentials. Flare’s features make it easy to provide a rich knowledge base to support our API customers.

Lori Guillory
Senior Technical Communicator | Travelport

Provide a Consistent User Experience

Our API documentation tool allows you to create Reference Guides, Troubleshooting Guides and Getting Started Guides, all from the same project. Flare manages all content, search, tables, flowcharts and more, all in a single solution.

Overall, our new documentation is much more contemporary and accessible, and it delivers a far superior customer experience. This wouldn’t have been possible without Flare.

Linda Kelley
Senior Information Developer | Synergex

Support Multiple Versions with the Same Source Documentation

MadCap Flare makes it easy to support multiple versions of products, software releases and web API versions. Conditional text, structured data, snippets, table of contents, and global project linking lets you link to a library of shared common content.

New API versions can break existing functionality. MadCap Flare makes it easy to support multiple versions of our API.

Lori Guillory
Senior Technical Communicator | Travelport

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