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eLearning & Development Software

Our solutions give learning & development teams the edge in creating, managing and publishing engaging learning programs – all from a single source.

Create Interactive eLearning Courses While Maximizing Content Reuse

Create, manage and build interactive elements in eLearning courses and quizzes with multiple choice or multiple response questions while leveraging powerful single source eLearning authoring tools and multi-channel publishing capabilities.

elearning authoring tools

The addition of the new eLearning solutions and functionality in MadCap Flare is a game changer. We can now leverage Flare’s single source capabilities to create presentations with assessments. In conjunction with MadCap Central, Flare now gives us the capability to produce instructor-led, web-based and virtual training using a single solution.

Stephen J. Sauriol | CPLP Technical Communications Manager, Saab, Inc.

Easily Develop Employee & Customer Learning Programs in Multiple Formats

Develop online learning courses and training programs with ease — whether for employee training or customer onboarding — in multiple formats including print and responsive web for:

  • New Hire Orientation and Onboarding
  • Employee Training
  • Customer Onboarding, Product Training and Online Help
  • Operations Playbooks
  • And Much More

MadCap Flare's support for learning and development teams opens up so many more possibilities for collaboration between our Learning Center, Digital Adoption Platform, and Learning Experience Design teams. We cannot wait to use the new features.

Homer Christensen | Flare Designer and Developer

Deliver Seamless Online Learning Experiences

Bring together your online training guides, self-guided tutorials, eLearning development tools, video eLearning content library, training content, and other resources in a single eLearning authoring software.

Having a single publishing process for our Online Help and Learning Pathways with Flare has allowed us to reduce overhead for user management and technical support, significantly reducing our costs.

Zaneta Nackovska | Training Advisor, Fred IT Group

Drive Engagement with Modern User Experiences

Intuitive course design and embedded training videos support better learning processes and provide an engaging content and interactive learning experience platform for your audience and learners alike. Increase course content view rates and user engagement with a modern online training experience and a custom eLearning development process that leverages your existing content library - an efficient eLearning authoring tool for all content creators or subject matter experts.

Letting customers have the option of viewing topics or watching bite-sized videos helps to complement users’ different learning preferences. It’s also a less rigid way of engaging them and allows them to control the learning experience.

Zaneta Nackovska | Training Advisor, Fred IT Group

Save Time and Improve Efficiencies

Reuse training content or training material, eLearning modules, interactive content, and templates across multiple products, learning centers and other training resources to maximize efficiencies throughout your eLearning course development.

By embedding our courses and training material in Flare, we’re making them all accessible from one location, and clients don't have to go to an external LMS.

Casey Schroeder | Lead Content Strategist, 84.51°

Deliver Engaging Content to Multiple Authoring Platforms, Users and Devices

From standard online courses to eLearning modules, training sessions and interactive videos, publish your eLearning content to various formats and audiences from a single source.

The feedback we get from students and the training department is that the dual-purpose content we’ve created with Flare for our Unified Help website and training exercises works very well.

Morten Müller | Documentation and Localization Manager, Zylinc

Bridging the Gap Between Technical Authoring and Learning & Development

With our latest product update, optimize and create technical documentation and interactive eLearning deliverables – all from a single source

Single-sourced digital and print media created with MadCap Flare

Do These Challenges of Managing Content for Learning Sound Familiar?

Are you maximizing content reuse and sharing content easily across training and technical documentation teams with your eLearning software?

Do you struggle to track what updates are needed and where across your training materials, knowledge bases, technical docs and multiple publishing outputs?

As a technical communicator or eLearning developer, can you easily create or turn existing learning content into interactive eLearning courseware?

Is your organization looking to do more with less, reduce content duplication, save on translation costs or won't invest in a learning management system (LMS software)?

Core Benefits for Technical Communicators and eLearning Professionals

  • Improve consistency, accuracy and reduce eLearning content duplication across the organization by sharing and reusing content between technical authors, instructional designers and SMEs.
  • Modular-based content authoring tools make it easy to reuse existing learning content from a single source to personalize & localize by product, language, region, experience level, role, etc.
  • Ensure all training material and technical support content remains accurate and in sync at all times by updating content once at the component or modular level and publishing updated content to all deliverables.
  • Easily publish multiple output types such as responsive HTML5 websites, high-end PDFs and brochures, even Word documents, and include different variations of each for different audiences (instructors, eLearning professionals, students, learners, etc.), all from a single source.
  • Built-in cascading style sheets (CSS) capabilities allow for easy customization of the look and feel of your deliverables. With CSS, you have complete control of your eLearning course materials' instructional design and layout. Apply multiple or consistent styles for various outputs and audiences.
  • Import your existing employee training content from popular file types and formats such as Microsoft® Word, Excel and more.
  • Automatically reuse and convert technical content into interactive training material containing quizzes, knowledge checks and more.
  • Create and design interactive employee training content from scratch containing multiple choice, multiple responses and knowledge checks using an advanced, easy-to-use content editor.
  • Easily embed any web-based content and multimedia using IFrames, such as Articulate online course tutorials, interactive videos, full web pages and more.
  • Create and insert custom pass/fail test result pages and scores, eLearning development tool bars, slideshows, course progress tracking and much more in any output.
  • Publish SCORM 2004, 1.2 and xAPI-compliant content to any external LMS or LRS.
  • Ensure brand consistency and accuracy across all education and product content experiences with pre-built, professionally designed, print and responsive web templates for technical documentation, brochures and eLearning courseware.
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The addition of the new eLearning functionality in MadCap Flare is a game changer for us. We can now leverage Flare’s inherent single source capabilities to create presentations with assessments. In conjunction with MadCap Central, Flare now gives us the capability to produce instructor-led, web-based and virtual training using a single solution.

STEPHEN J. SAURIOL CPLP Technical Communications Manager, Saab, Inc.

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For almost twenty years, technical communicators have had access to powerful content reuse, single-source authoring, and multi-channel publishing features with MadCap Flare. Now the training and eLearning community has access to those features in Flare as well, and new features designed specifically for them. This new release of Flare is a game changer for training and eLearning.

NEIL PERLIN President, Hyper/Word Services

Featured Webinar: Blended Technical Documentation, Help and eLearning

eLearning Software

84.51° Replaces Traditional LMS with MadCap Flare and MadCap Central to Power Stratum Learning Center

Agile Delivery ROI Icon

LMS Replaced with Agile Delivery of How-To Guides, Training Content and More

Key Takeaways:

  • Reduced content duplication with significant Help and eLearning content reuse
  • Single end-user portal and search with consistent UI for seamless end-user experience
  • Costs savings (no need for non-integrated and external LMS)
  • Integrated multiple applications in one seamless experience including Articulate 360®, WalkMe®, Vimeo®, calendar events for Zoom® training courses and more
  • Multiple publishing deliverables for different audiences, customers and white-label partners – all from a single-source
  • Advanced search and improved self-help using MadCap Flare’s micro content functionality
  • Analytics and reporting for continuous content improvement lifecycle using MadCap Central

By embedding our courses and training material in Flare, we’re making them all accessible from one location, and clients don't have to go to an external LMS.

Photo of Casey Schroeder

Casey Schroeder Lead Content Strategist, 84.51°

Maximize Your Return on Investment Across the Enterprise

Five-Fold Increase in Users’ Searches After Adding Micro Content for Employee Training

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Creates Persona-Based Learning Management System Website and In-product Help Documentation from a Single Source

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Replaces Traditional LMS to Power Stratum Learning Center

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