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Organizations around the globe are finding new ways to improve departments efficiencies. Now instructional designers and technical writers can share resources – whether technical, training or API documentation – all from one single project.

Learning & Development: Where Technical Communication and Instructional Design Converge

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Using MadCap Flare like an LMS has allowed us to engage with a larger number of our clients and provide the kind of learning experiences they need to be successful in their work. We can leverage the way we organize our help content and provide more context for all of our eLearning content without sacrificing the customer experience.

CHRIS JONES | Product Content Manager, TEAM Software

Why MadCap Flare?

Used to Create

  • Learning & Development Programs
  • Integrated Online Help
  • Training Courses
  • Training Guides
  • Internal Support Portals

Used By

  • Technical Writers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Learning Managers
  • Training Directors
  • eLearning Specialists

Create More Engaging Learning
& Development Programs

Single-Source Publishing Capabilities

MadCap Flare’s topic-based, single-sourcing capabilities simplify the creation and management of company learning centers and online training resources.

“Having a single publishing process for our Online Help and Learning Pathways with MadCap Flare has allowed us to reduce overhead for user management and technical support, significantly reducing our costs.”

Training Advisor | Fred IT Group

Drive Engagement with Videos and
Modern Web Design

Intuitive design and embedded training videos provide an interactive experience for your audience. Increase course view rates and user engagement with a modern web experience.

“Letting customers have the option of viewing topics or watching bite-sized videos helps to complement users’ different learning preferences. It’s also a less rigid way of engaging them and allows them to control the learning experience.”

Training Advisor | Fred IT Group

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Replacing a Learning Management System (LMS) with MadCap Flare: A Case Study with TEAM Software

Chris Jones, Product Content Manager of TEAM Software, describes how MadCap Flare was used to replace their external Learning Management System to provide an exceptional learning experience for users.

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