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Solutions | Policies & Procedures

Eliminate the hassle of updating internal policies and procedures with a modern approach to content development. Organizations can now save time managing policy writing and content in a single location rather than hundreds of Word documents and PDFs.

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For a senior care organization that has facilities across the United States, we use conditions extensively to ensure that the manuals for each state contain the appropriate legal language.

Katherine Guntner | Technical Writer and Account Manager, Manual Makers

Why MadCap Flare?

Used to Create

  • Employee Policies and Procedures
  • Medical Policies and Procedures
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • IT Policies and Procedures
  • Emergency Plan Procedures

Used By

  • Policy Writers
  • Content Developers
  • Technical Communicators
  • HR Managers
  • Medical Writers
  • Administrative Staff

Maintain Critical Policies and Procedures for Multiple Locations and Audiences

Create Multiple Versions of Documents from a Single Project

Flare’s topic-based authoring makes it easy to organize content from a single policy statement to a large policy brief and personalize information based on your audiences’ needs. Create policy and procedure manuals (based on city, region or country), employee handbooks (exempt and non-exempt, full-time and part-time), administrative guides, or other written policy using conditions and other advanced single sourcing capabilities.

“In the past, our documentation was published in huge, monolithic print documents that were difficult for our employees to navigate…Using MadCap Software, we are now delivering context-sensitive online documentation with a Help button that gives users single-click access to the information they need.”

IT training lead | Fitness First Group

Utilize Templates and Pre-Written Manuals

With an extensive array of template options designed for effective policy writing, it’s easy for a policy writer to create a procedure manual or an employee handbook packed with information vital to any organization. Written policy projects can be easily customized and tailored using Flare’s patented XML-based WYSIWYG editor.

“We now do more frequent updates and produce a different version for each country because we can.”

IT training lead | Fitness First Group

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