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Cutting-edge technical authoring and publishing for today’s technical writers and content developers.

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Exceptional Technical Support

I’ve said it a couple of times, but I will say thank you again. I am very impressed with the way that your company treats clients and helps to answer questions. Your technical support process is exemplary.

—Julious Dyer |

Technical Writer, Peoplenet: Fleet Mobility
Solutions, A Trimble Company

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A Firm Commitment to Exceptional Service and Support

As the original creators of RoboHelp®, MadCap Software set out to fill the void following the disbanding of eHelp's development and support teams after it was acquired by Macromedia. Utilizing the latest technologies, MadCap Software developed MadCap Flare, and set forth a commitment to provide exceptional service and support to its customers. Over the years MadCap Software has remained focused on developing innovative products and services for the technical communication industry, while offering the highest level of customer service and technical support.

Plus: Your 30-day Trial Includes Free Technical Support
Put our support to the test. Get free Platinum Level technical support during your 30-day trial on any product. Whether you have a question regarding installation, or how a specific feature works, a technical support team member is standing by ready to assist you.

In my 40 + years of working with different Customer Support Centers it gives me great satisfaction to state that the MadCap Customer Support is the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with; always professional, easy to work with, patient, and solved all our issues.

Dr. Al Salinas, Ph.D.
Salinas Technologies Inc.

MadCap’s Platinum Support is the greatest product on the planet. Your personnel are kind, knowledgeable, and most of all patient. I am so happy that I switched to Flare (from FrameMaker® and RoboHelp®).

Pamela Coca
Documentation Manager,
Compressus, Inc.

From my experience, MadCap offers the best technical/sales support of any company I have dealt with.

Richard Lema
Oakley Networks

I must say that your Platinum Support Team is the BEST I've seen in nearly 20 years in the software industry. I call, I ask, MadCap Techs have the solution!

Don Rasky
Senior Technical Writer,
Mitchell International, Inc.

When I call Adobe® for help with the ‘bugs’ and issues, they connect me to people who know less about the product than I do and tell me it is:
a. Because I am using a 64-bit computer (MadCap supports 64-bit)
b. A bug that will eventually be fixed in the next upgrade (but never is)
c. That I will get a phone call with an answer in 24-hours (I never do)
d. Then a week later I get an email saying the ticket is closed because they could not reach me by phone (trust me — I have sat by the phone for days waiting for their call)

Pamela Coca
Documentation Manager,
Compressus, Inc.

A while ago I had a saga much like yours with the Tech Comm Suite. Couldn’t install it, was bounced back and forth between Tech Support and Customer Service. Lost count of the number of uninstalls and re-installs they had me do. After a few weeks of trying to install it and many lost hours of work, I returned the Tech Comm Suite and bought 2 of the products separately. That seems to have worked. I was able to install both. But I’ve since switched to Flare because I had heard that their customer service was better. It is. It’s been worth the switch!

Lorraine Kupka
Author of Five Steps to MadCap Flare

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Thousands of Passionate Customers

See why customers worldwide prefer MadCap Software for their technical communication needs.

MadCap Flare is giving us state-of-the-art capabilities while offering the lowest cost of ownership of any authoring software we’ve seen on the market

Harold Gross
Caradigm, a Microsoft | GE Healthcare Company

I’ve made my living in technical communication doing conversions from one tool to another. MadCap’s FrameMaker® to Flare converter is as good as any I've ever worked with; and way better than most!

Ed Marshall
Marshall Documentation Consulting

MadCap’s software is so tightly integrated… efficiencies we've gained have been as dramatic as moving from a typewriter to using Microsoft® Word.

Daniel Ng
GPRO Technologies Berhad

We looked at a number of tools, but Flare was the one that dovetailed nicely with our needs. With its native XML architecture, single-sourcing, and topic-based paradigm, Flare was a natural fit.

Jennifer Ciroli
Carnegie Mellon University

Thank God for the developers at MadCap for providing the most agile XML-based authoring tool on the planet.

Jim Corbin

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