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Cutting-edge technical authoring and publishing for today’s technical writers and content developers.

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Making the Switch to MadCap Flare

Whether migrating from DITA-based applications, legacy tools such as FrameMaker®, or are cutting the use of Microsoft® Word – organizations are reinventing their documentation with MadCap Software.

MadCap Flare offers a high return on investment, scalability for enterprise teams, world-class technical support and certified training programs to get your team up and running in no time.

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Switching From a Legacy Tool?

Packed with cutting-edge features and functionality, MadCap Flare lets you work smarter, faster and improve the quality of your documentation. Our comprehensive resource center includes case studies, testimonials, transition resources and more.

Case Studies on Making the Switch

Learn how companies are using MadCap Flare to increase productivity, reduce project time and improve the quality and consistency of their content.


Leverage Your Existing Content: Import Guides, Comparison Guides and More

Learn how easy it is to import your existing content, whether from popular content types such as Microsoft® Word or legacy content types such as FrameMaker®, with these free resources.

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