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Leverage Your Existing Legacy Content

MadCap Flare makes it easy to import a number of popular content types such as Microsoft® Word and legacy content types such as FrameMaker®.

What Can Flare Import?

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The Author-it® utility uses the published XML output from Author-it® and converts it to a Flare project, while maintaining all project and source files. The utility converts the table of contents of Author-it® books into Flare topics. Embedded topics become Flare snippets, while variables, styles, glossaries, context IDs and index keywords are maintained through the conversion process.

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You can create a new project by importing an HTML Help (CHM) file.

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You can create a new project or topics by importing DITA files.

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You can create a new project or topics by importing Microsoft® Excel files.

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You can create a new project or topics by importing Adobe® FrameMaker® files.

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Global Project Linking

You can import content and project files contained in another Flare project, thus allowing you to maintain the information in one location but reuse it in any other project. When you use this feature to import files, you can include or exclude particular types of files (e.g., topics, snippets, stylesheets, glossaries, targets), specific individual files, or files that have certain condition tags applied.

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HTML Files

You can create a new project or topics by importing HTML files.

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HTML Help Projects

You can create a new project by importing an HTML Help project (HHP) file.

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Individual Files

You can import a wide variety of individual files into an existing Flare project.

  • Alias Files
  • Browse Sequences
  • Condition Tag Sets
  • Contribution Files
  • Destinations
  • Dictionaries
  • Glossaries
  • Header Files
  • Page Layouts
  • Reviewed Files
  • Search Filter Sets
  • Skins
  • Snippets
  • Stylesheets
  • Styles
  • Tables of Contents
  • Topics
  • Variable Sets
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MadCap Central

If another user uploads a Flare project to your MadCap Central license and you do not yet have that project on your computer, you can import it. You can do this from the MadCap Central window pane in Flare.

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MadCap Doc-To-Help

You can create a new project by importing a Doc-To-Help project.

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Microsoft® Word

You can create a new project or topics by importing Microsoft® Word files.

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You can create a new project or topics by importing Adobe® RoboHelp® projects.

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Source Control

You can create a new project by importing one located in source control.

Helpful User Guides

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MadCap Flare r2 2019:
Transition from FrameMaker®

download pdf guide
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MadCap Flare r2 2019:

download pdf guide

Additional Resources

Thanks for all the excellent Flare webinars. They helped me to ditch RoboHelp® and switch to Flare.
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