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Multi-Channel Publishing with MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare multi-channel publishing software allows content creators to publish output to different channels in a variety of formats, including responsive web, print, desktop and mobile formats. By drawing from a common set of source files to generate and publish output in multiple formats across multiple channels, you can ensure your content is accessible to your end-users, wherever they are and however they prefer to consume the information.

Online Output

Flare's online output capabilities include a variety of web-based formats, including responsive HTML5.

Online Output

Responsive HTML5

HTML5 is the recommended online format in Flare. Responsive output is essentially “smart” output and can be used to display digital content on any mobile device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. When you generate HTML5 targets, the output display changes depending on the size of your browser or device you are using. And when performed thoughtfully with Flare, responsive HTML5 for content creation and output can improve the user interface of your site and general digital experience for your customer.

Features include:

  • Google-style search results and display
  • Frameless output for improved search engine optimization
  • Automated XML sitemap generation
  • Improved accessibility with screen readers (Section 508 and WCAG)
  • Topic-level metadata tag descriptions
  • Customizable design to match any existing website, portal or other digital channel
  • Topic URL paths displayed in browser for easy sharing
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Additional Online Outputs

Additional Online Output


Clean XHTML produces basic HTML files that are free of MadCap-specific tags and not dependent upon other MadCap-generated files. The output does not include any skins, search, navigation, or other extra features; it is simply your single-sourced digital content. This allows you to repurpose your output in many flexible ways for multiple platforms. For example, you can embed the output files into other applications, such as project management tools, wikis, or eLearning systems.

Repurpose and publish content to Salesforce, Zendesk and ServiceNow using the MadCap Connect for Salesforce plugin, the MadCap Connect for Zendesk plugin or the MadCap Connect for ServiceNow plugin and the Clean XHTML output.

Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow logos

Additional Online Output

Eclipse Help

The Eclipse Help output type is designed specifically for content developers who want to use Flare to author an Eclipse Help plugin. A plugin lets you extend the existing Help contents that come with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It requires an additional installation of the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java version. This output type is particularly useful when your content strategy calls for dynamic, searchable content that integrates into your Eclipse environment as a platform plugin.

eclipse logo

Print Output

Flare offers all of the advanced features you expect in a high-end, XML-based print publishing application such as:

  • Complex auto-numbering for volumes, sections, paragraphs, and pages
  • Complex page layouts including graphics, headers, footers, and multiple columns
  • Full CSS support
  • Multiple page layouts
  • Multiple document outlines in one project provide as many outputs as you need
  • Variables and snippets
  • Dynamically adjust page numbers to next or previous, above or below, using smart cross-references
  • Enhanced image compression options
  • Clean XHTML produces basic HTML files that are free of MadCap-specific tags and not dependent upon other MadCap-generated files. Support for import and export of FrameMaker®, Microsoft Word, DITA, Plain HTML, XHTML and more
  • Support for import and export of FrameMaker®, Microsoft Word, DITA, Plain HTML, XHTML and more
  • Global Project Linking — share and update common elements across multiple projects
  • Auto-generated glossary, index, and TOC proxies for new print targets
Responsive HTML5 Illustration

print output

Adobe® PDF

Native PDF support and a built-in PDF Engine allows for direct to PDF publishing from Flare. Short for "Portable Document Format", PDF is an open file format created by Adobe®. PDF files represent two-dimensional documents in a device-independent and resolution-independent fixed-layout document format.

PDF Icon

print output

Microsoft® Word

Output can be exported to Microsoft® Word in DOCX, DOC, PDF, or XPS format.

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Output Types in MadCap Flare

Other Output


The EPUB format is developed and maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB is sort of a hybrid format. The output is designed to be viewed electronically; in that way, it is like an online format. On the other hand, its structure is like a book or manual; in that way, the structured content is like a print-based format. In fact, you can follow many of the same steps for creating EPUB output that you would follow for producing a PDF.

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