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MadCap Authoring AND Management System

The power of desktop meets
the convenience of the cloud.

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Create, Manage, Review and Translate

A Complete Solution Supporting the Entire Content Development Lifecycle

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The MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS) combines the power and flexibility of desktop authoring with cloud-based technology to provide a complete solution for content developers. From authoring, publishing, and translation to cloud-based content management, streamline the entire content development lifecycle with
MadCap Software.

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& Publishing

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XML-based Authoring
and Single-source,
Multi-channel Publishing

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Single-source Screen Capture and Image Editing

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Interactive Movies and Software Simulations

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Salesforce & Zendesk Publishing

Cloud-based Editing, Publishing, Project & Content Management

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Project Teams

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Secure Hosting

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Project and Task Management

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Build Management

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User and Team Management

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Project Reporting

& Review

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Subject Matter Experts

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Cloud-based Contribution and Review

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Annotations, Tags and Markup

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Concurrent Multi-user Authoring and Review


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Translation Management

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Translation Memory

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Reporting and Statistics

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Project Packager

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Machine Translation

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MadCap AMS Includes:

Authoring & Publishing

Take advantage of cutting-edge technical authoring and publishing capabilities, with advanced features to maximize authoring efficiency and content reuse.

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Reduce Costs

Replace expensive legacy CMS software systems that require third-party plug-ins and other non-integrated applications.

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Enhance User Experience

Modern responsive design combined with rich multimedia provides an interactive web and mobile experience with easy-to-navigate content.

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Improve Brand Alignment

Improve brand alignment across all content channels with powerful CSS and style controls.

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Bring Your Content to Life with Rich Multimedia

Don’t just single-source your content – single-source images and video to save valuable time and resources.

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Add Powerful Search to Your Content

Give end users easy access to find the information they need.

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Streamline Content Delivery

Streamline the process of creating and delivering documentation through content reuse and single-source, multi-channel publishing, using an advanced XML-based editor.

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Publish Professional Content with Ease

Built-in project templates make it easy to create professionally designed print brochures, online Help, knowledge bases, support sites, eBooks, and more without the need for any additional CSS development or creative resources.

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View Project Analysis and Reports to Improve Content

Scan projects to find and fix critical issues, get suggestions, and generate custom reports based on information contained in your projects.

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Single-source Your Content and Publish to Sales Support

Publish and share your content directly to your sales support teams (Salesforce) using the same single-source for your documentation.

Authoring & Publishing Features and Functionality Include:

MadCap Flare

Intelligent Content Authoring and Publishing

Learn More

MadCap Capture

Screen Capture and Image Editing

Learn More

MadCap Mimic

Interactive Demos, Videos, Tutorials and Software Simulations

Learn More

MadCap Connect

for Salesforce®

Learn More

MadCap Connect

for Zendesk

Learn More

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Note: Offer includes 15 months of MadCap AMS, plus free web-based MadCap Flare Introductory Training. Certain restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Cloud-based Editing, Publishing, Project & Content Management

With a secure cloud-based platform for publishing, project and content management, you can host content, schedule builds, manage projects and tasks, view reports and more.

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Manage Projects in the Cloud

Access and share content across projects and users to simplify content management and development.

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Simplify Your Hosting and Reduce IT Resource Dependency

Host and publish your content securely online without getting IT resources involved.

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Gain Greater Insight into Project Status and Health

Find critical issues, such as broken links, or get general statistics such as word and image count, with reports.

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Improve Collaboration

Easily edit and contribute content with a cloud-based contribution and review process.

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Eliminate Non-Integrated Project Management Tools

Eliminate spreadsheets and other non-integrated project management applications by tracking and managing your projects with the MadCap AMS.

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Schedule and Automate Publishing Tasks

Schedule and manage builds to publish content whenever you need it.


MadCap Central

Cloud-based Editing, Publishing, Project and Content Management

Learn More

Contribution & Review

Allow anyone in your organization or content development workflow to contribute and review content using a powerful cloud-based editor.

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Streamline Your Content Contribution and Review

Allow anyone in your organization to contribute and review content, using a powerful cloud-based editing (no software installation required) review workflow.

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Easy-to-Use Interface for Subject Matter Experts

Reviewers only see content relevant to them during the review workflow, making the review process easy and efficient.

Time icon

Save Time with Concurrent Multi-user Authoring and Review

Multiple subject matter experts (SMEs), authors and users can contribute, make changes and add comments to the same content (topic or snippet) simultaneously.

Workflow icon

Facilitate Collaboration with a Seamless Review Workflow

A seamless workflow makes it easy for SMEs to add and edit content, and efficient for authors to accept, reject, reorganize and reformat content.


MadCap Central

Cloud-based Editing, Publishing, Project and Content Management

Learn More


Make translation efficient with advanced tools to manage large-scale documentation projects.

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Author Content for a Global Audience

Deliver documentation to your global audience with support for multi-language authoring, translation and publishing.

Reduce costs icon

Reduce Costs and Speed the Translation of Your Content

Leverage Termbases, Translation Memories, Terminology Management and other advanced features to reduce costs and streamline your translation workflow.

Package icon

Reduce Errors and Package All Content for Translation

Easily package all of your content – topics, snippets, variables, image captions and more – for translation in one easy step.

Language icon

Create and Manage Content for Any Language

Supported languages include Unicode language characters, double-byte Asian languages and Eastern European languages, as well as bi-directional language authoring and publishing including Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

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Gain Greater Insight into Translation Project Status and Health

Find errors such as formatting inaccuracies, repeated segments, or termbase errors, with quality assurance reports.

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Get Suggestions with Machine Translation Integration

Generate translation suggestions from web-based translation providers, including Google Translate, Microsoft® Bing Translator, and


MadCap Lingo

Translation and Localization

Learn More

MadCap Flare

Intelligent Content Authoring and Publishing

Learn More

The Power of Desktop Meets the Convenience of the Cloud.

By combining the power of desktop authoring with the convenience of the cloud, the MadCap AMS gives content developers the best of both without sacrificing security, performance or accessibility.