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MadCap Connect for ServiceNow®

With MadCap Connect for ServiceNow®, you can publish MadCap Flare content directly to ServiceNow® knowledge bases with just a few clicks.

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See What You Can Do with MadCap Connect for ServiceNow®

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Publish content directly to ServiceNow®

With MadCap Connect for ServiceNow®, authors can now take the content in Flare and publish directly to ServiceNow® knowledge bases. In MadCap Flare 2020, we’ve extended the capabilities of the publishing destination feature, enabling you the option to publish Clean XHTML directly to KBs you have created in ServiceNow®.

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Reduce time spent on authoring

For authors looking to add their content to ServiceNow®, the lack of a robust single-source, multi-channel authoring platform in ServiceNow® makes it challenging to create, import, or reuse structured content. With MadCap Connect for ServiceNow®, authors can save hours of work manually copying and pasting content from Flare into ServiceNow®.

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Control the look and feel of content

No need to manually reformat content in ServiceNow® every time a change is made. Update your content from Flare and let the plugin do the work of automatically publishing and preserving your content and styles. Inclusion and exclusion of conditional tags, and variable overrides are supported as well.

How to Publish MadCap Flare Content Directly to ServiceNow®

Learn how to setup your MadCap Connect for ServiceNow® plugin with this helpful step-by-step guide.

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MadCap Connect for ServiceNow® plugin

Standalone individual license can be purchased on a subscription basis.

Note: MadCap Connect for ServiceNow ® is included free with your MadCap AMS subscription.

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