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MadCap Analyzer

Integrated project analysis
and reporting to find and fix
issues quickly, get content suggestions and more.

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MadCap Analyzer is a powerful analytic and reporting tool for your Flare projects. Find critical issues quickly, such as missing content or broken links, and non-critical technical issues such as unused style sheets or images that can be removed from projects. Create custom reports and share information with documentation teams and managers to identify issues, track progress, and ensure quality and efficiency in your documentation.

Both I and my fellow technical writer found that webinar VERY useful! We ran a customized report with MadCap Analyzer after the webinar, and my fellow writer spent much of the next two days improving our main project with the hints we’d gleaned from the webinar.

Blane Little
Documentation Manager,

Find and Fix Critical Issues Quickly

Find critical issues within a project, such as broken links, duplicate style sheets, missing images and more.

Scan your project to find and fix critical issues, including:

  • Broken Links
  • Duplicate Styles in Style Sheets
  • Duplicate TOC Items
  • Broken Image Links
  • Broken Bookmarks
  • Undefined Variables, Condition Tags, File Tags
    and Conditions
  • Non-XML Topics and More

As well as used and unused items including:

  • Snippets
  • Topics
  • Styles
  • Variables
  • Map IDs
  • Images and More
Find and Fix Critical Issues with MadCap Analyzer

Get Content Suggestions for Snippets, Variables and More

Analyzer will improve your content quality and reuse by identifying suggestions, including:

  • Markup (XHTML)
  • Index Keywords
  • Cross-references
  • Local Style
  • Snippets
  • Variables
  • Styles
  • Accessibility
Content Suggestions
…Analyzer takes it one step further! We now don’t need to worry about usability testing… In short, deploying Analyzer is like employing another member of our documentation team – one that handles all the mundane checking without a single complaint!

Steve Salter

Meet Accessibility Guidelines

Scan projects and ensure your content conforms to accessibility guidelines such as Section 508 and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Meet Accessibility Guidelines

Generate Custom Reports

Generate any number of custom reports based on information collected in Analyzer.

Report categories include:

  • Bookmarks
  • Concepts
  • Condition tags
  • Content files
  • CSH
  • File tags
  • Glossary term links
  • Images
  • Index
  • Language tags
  • Links
  • Multimedia
  • Project
  • Snippets
  • Styles
  • TOC
  • Topics
  • Variables
  • Notes
Generate Custom Reports

Visualize Data with Statistical Reports

Create dozens of reports from statistical data, including topic count, word count, broken link count, snippet count and more.

  • Topic Count
  • Snippet Count
  • Broken link Count
  • Undefined Glossary Term Links Count
  • Undefined Variable Count
  • Undefined Condition
    Tag Count
  • Undefined Styles Count

A Valuable Tool for Everyone on Your Team

Automate in minutes what could take weeks for a technical editor to identify.


  • Review documentation and identify issues to improve quality
  • Keep project files small and eliminate unused content
  • Reduce translation cost by eliminating duplicate or unused elements

Team Leads

  • Identify suggestions for content such as snippets and variables and utilize content reuse


  • Track progress of project fixes made by documentation team
  • Track new project status and identify ways to improve how content is developed and maintained

View the Analyzer workflow:

  1. Open Your Flare Project
    Analyzer scans your project for issues and problems.
  2. Locate the Critical Issues
    Critical issues in your project are listed on the Analyzer Summary.
  3. Review Suggestions and Accept Changes
    Review suggestions and determine changes to optimize your project content.
  4. Create Reports
    Generate any number of reports from the information in Analyzer to share with your team.

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