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Cutting-edge technical authoring and publishing for today’s technical writers and content developers.

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Learn Why Thousands of
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Flare was the clear choice, addressing all of our requirements and going beyond to help us consider new possibilities like mobile technology.

—Lesley Brown | McKesson Health Solutions

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Case Studies on Transitioning to Flare

Learn how companies are using MadCap Flare to increase productivity, reduce project time and improve the quality and consistency of their content.

SMART Technologies Replaces Adobe® FrameMaker® and RoboHelp®, Relies on Single-Source Publishing of MadCap Flare to Speed Delivery of a Responsive HTML5 Support Site and PDF Guides

Thanks to Flare, we’re able to create and deliver content in one place instead of using two different tools, which has allowed us to save a tremendous amount of time.
photo of Ken Schatzke

Ken Schatzke
Senior Technical Writer,
SMART Technologies

Ellie Mae, Leading Cloud-Based Solutions Innovator for the Mortgage Finance Industry, Replaces Microsoft® Word and Adobe® FrameMaker® to Streamline and Deliver Modern HTML5-Based Online Help and PDFs

“The overall process is just so much more efficient using Flare; what used to take days at a time can now be completed in a matter of minutes. This is a huge plus since we have to maintain both our new and existing documentation.”

—Scott Simpson | Director, Technical Publications, Ellie Mae

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Leading Enterprise Workflow and Medical Image Archiving Company Replaces Adobe® FrameMaker® with MadCap Flare and Cuts Production Time of Documentation Up to 50 Percent

“In the past year alone, we’ve reduced production time from two weeks to less than one week. We’re delighted that this curve keeps diving, and we’re now at the brink of reducing that to possibly hours.”

—Marc Paquette | Technical Writer, Intelerad

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Global Provider of Advisory and Certification Services for Maritime, Oil & Gas, Energy Industries Switches from FrameMaker®, Streamlines Content Delivery with MadCap Flare

“We’re setting up our documentation for the future of our software products. With all the features in MadCap Flare, it’s easier than ever to produce clean, modern documentation.”

—Gary Etzel | Technical Communications Manager, DNV GL

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Leading Web Security Provider Chooses MadCap Flare to Replace Adobe® FrameMaker®, Bring Award-Winning Innovations to Responsive HTML5-Based Product Guides

“The HTML5 responsive design feature in Flare is fantastic. With a single output, I can produce content that looks great on smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops. This is important given how many people view everything on mobile devices today.”

—Chris Freeman | Senior Technical Writer, Blue Coat Systems Inc.

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Fastest-growing Communications Platform for Business Disruptions Chooses MadCap Flare to Replace Word and FrameMaker®

“When we experimented with the features in our trial version of MadCap Flare, it became strikingly obvious that it was the product we needed. You could really tell that Flare had been thought through by documentation professionals.”

—Cameron Stewart | Technical Publications Product Manager, xMatters

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Nation’s Largest Healthcare Services Company Switches to MadCap Flare for Agile Delivery of Online Help and Documentation Supporting Multiple Product Versions

“Flare was the clear choice, addressing all of our requirements and going beyond to help us consider new possibilities like mobile technology.”

—Lesley Brown | Associate Vice President of Documentation and Training Development

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Toon Boom Uses MadCap Flare to Deliver Print and Responsive HTML5 Documentation for 20 Product Versions and Modules via Single-Source, Multi-Channel Publishing

“With Flare, I can look at the entire index, get the big picture, and fix things immediately. It’s a night and day difference compared to using FrameMaker®.”

—Liven Tam | Documentation Specialist

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Writec Replaces Adobe® FrameMaker® and RoboHelp® with the MadPak Professional Suite to Deliver Award-Winning Online Help and Documentation in Multiple Languages

“The majority of people at the time used RoboHelp®; we felt the features being provided were a bit outdated. At the moment, there wasn’t a better way to use software more powerfully.”

—Vilma Zamboli | Content Strategist and Help System Designer

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Zend Replaces Adobe® RoboHelp® with MadCap Flare to Keep Pace With Multiple
Product Releases

“Flare has truly transformed the way we deliver content to our users, and we’re excited at the thought of how we can continue to evolve our system using Flare.”

—Daniel Berman | Technical Communicator

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Venafi replaces Adobe® FrameMaker® with MadCap Flare and MadCap Pulse to Deliver State-of-the-Art HTML5-based Online Help Featuring Robust Search and Social Collaboration Functionality

“While variables are available in other tools, Flare’s implementation is simple and easy to manage… What used to take days
now takes minutes.”

—Derek Warren | Principal Information Developer

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Mitchell, A Leading Provider of Property & Casualty Claims Technology Solutions Moves from Adobe® RoboHelp®, Adobe® FrameMaker® and Adobe® InDesign® and Cuts Process Time by 82% Using MadCap Flare with Microsoft® SharePoint® and Team Foundation Server®

“We did side-by-side testing with a number of competitors, and when we pulled in information using other products, we couldn’t use it right away. By contrast, Flare pulled in information so fast and so cleanly that there was very little to do to make it work. We could start using upgraded projects almost immediately. Flare simply smoked the field. We had more than 40 Help projects alone to upgrade from RoboHelp X5. Flare allowed us to do most of the conversion in a single business quarter while simultaneously managing our normal workload.”

—Don Rasky | Senior Technical Writer

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Tricentis Replaces Adobe® FrameMaker® with MadCap Software's Technical Communications Suite to Create HTML5-based Online Help Enriched With Video Tutorials While Cutting Annual Project Time by Three Months

“After we finished our first year using MadCap Software, we took a pen and paper and discovered we saved 520 hours. That's three project months!”

—Stefan Steinbauer | Head of Documentation and Translation

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ARCOM Replaces Adobe® RoboHelp® with MadCap Flare to Streamline Delivery of Print Documentation and Online Help for Construction Specifications Software

“We tried Flare out for a trial period, and within that trial period we were able to do everything that we wanted to do and then some. Using Flare was the difference between riding a skateboard versus driving a Ferrari.”

—Gregory Owens | Senior QA Engineer

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Leading Medical Software Provider Adopts MadCap Flare to Cut Production of Print Manuals and Online Help from Two Months to One Week, Easily Add QR Codes, and Ensure Government Healthcare Compliance

“MadCap has provided our technical documentation team with flexible tools and the ability to accurately manage our operations while maintaining compliance with standards and regulations.”

—Laszlo Gasztonyi | Chief Technology Officer

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Squire Technologies Chooses MadCap Flare and Contributor over FrameMaker® to Produce Intuitive, Searchable Web-based Documentation

“We needed a platform that would allow our online documentation to be easily accessible. MadCap Flare and Contributor have made it very easy for us to create intuitive online documentation and achieve the exact style and design we had in mind.”

—Michael Johnston | Squire Technologies

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Cymphonix Replaces Adobe® FrameMaker® with MadCap Flare to Publish Intuitive Product Help and Documentation in Print, Online and on Mobile Devices

“After two days, I was able to show the management team two files I had created with Flare and how easy it was to make changes. We all agreed that Flare was the right tool for us.”

—Kathi Hennebry | Cymphonix

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Picis Replaces Adobe® RoboHelp® and FrameMaker® with MadCap Flare to Deliver Consistent, Best-in-Class Medical Software Documentation Worldwide

“Flare provides an ocean of possibilities for technical documentation professionals. I truly feel we have invested in a product with great potential and look forward to what the future brings.”

—Adrian Morse | Picis

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Technical Expressions Replaces RoboHelp® with MadCap Flare to Deliver Best-in-Class Online and Print Documentation

“Flare is the way of the future. The cost savings and benefits have drastically outweighed other tools. Now is the time to make the move.”

—Warren Clendining | Technical Expressions, Inc.

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Basys Modernizes, Streamlines Web-based Content Delivery Using MadCap Flare, Replacing Adobe® RoboHelp®

“When we began rewriting our software as Web-based applications, we wanted an authoring product that was optimized for the Web and could provide true single-sourcing. That product was Flare.”

—Adrienne Pugh | Technical Writer

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You guys are the best. I’d be lost without Flare. I can’t even imagine having to go back to RoboHelp®.

Dan Austin
Austin Technical Services

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