The MadCap Scholar Program offers access to the cutting-edge tools and best practices that students need to succeed in the field of Technical Communications.

Giving students the opportunity to work with MadCap Flare and the rest of the MadPak early on in their student life has proven to instill best practices that are essential to a student’s success with a long-term career in the technical communication industry.

The following schools are the latest to partner with MadCap Software’s MadCap Scholar Program:


SJSU Partners with MadCap Software to Provide Students with Leading Technical Writing Tools and Best Prepare Them for the Workforce

San Jose State University, the oldest public institution of higher education on the West Coast of the United States, is ranked as one of the top public universities in the Western United States offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Today, SJSU provides Silicon Valley firms with more engineering, computer science and business graduates than any other college or university. SJSU is using Flare in its “E107: Technical and Professional Writing” course to teach modern technical communications concepts and best practices.

"Our goal is to prepare our students for career opportunities in Silicon Valley and beyond, and MadCap Flare experience is a highly desirable skill to potential employers. I want students to have a working knowledge of current software applications, and Flare is an industry-leading tool.”

--Dr. Mark Thompson, assistant professor and director of Career and Technical Writing at SJSU.

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OnTarget Partners with MadCap Software to Provide Students with Advanced Technical Writing Tools and Give them a Competitive Advantage in the Workforce

OnTarget Communications, Israel's leading technical communications training and placement company, is joining forces with MadCap Software to ensure students pursuing its “OnTarget Technical Writer's Training Program” have clear competitive advantages while pursuing or advancing their careers in technical communications. OnTarget will be implementing MadCap Flare in its “Working with MadCap Flare” and “Improving Your Technical Writing/Authoring Skills” classes.

"We've found that MadCap Flare is the most suitable application for creating Help systems and has been developed with the user in mind. The fact that it is constantly being updated and improved really impresses us.”

--Leigh Freedman, operations manager at OnTarget Communications


NBI Chooses MadCap Software to Provide Students with Industry Leading Technical Writing Products and Help Foster Professional Growth

Nordic Business Institute (NBI) is joining forces with MadCap Software to provide students with the most advanced authoring and publishing solution available today. NBI is dedicated to preparing students for the workforce by offering more practical training than a traditional university. To provide students with the knowledge and hands-on experience they need for successful careers in technical communications, the school has developed its “Technical Communicator Training Course" course to include MadCap Flare at its core.

"Our students are very grateful for the opportunity to use MadCap Flare to learn concepts, such as topic-based authoring, single sourcing and reuse of topics. Flare is the most cost efficient, easy-to-learn XML-based program we've come across.”

--Gillis Rudh, Technical Communicator Training Course instructor at Nordic Business Institute

More MadCap Scholar Program Partners

To learn more about the MadCap Scholar Program or to contact us about becoming a partner, visit this page.