Because we understand the importance of education, MadCap Software is committed to providing professors and universities with the tools they need to offer hands-on training through the MadCap Scholar Program.

The MadCap Scholar Program offers access to the cutting-edge tools and best practices that students need to succeed in the field of Technical Communications.

Giving students the opportunity to work with Flare and the rest of the MadPak early on in their student life has proven to instill best practices that are essential to a student’s success with a long-term career in the technical communication industry.

These are just some of the benefits of joining the MadCap Scholar Program:

  • We’ll outfit entire labs with MadCap Software applications – absolutely free
  • Free Training, including the MAD Certification Test, for teachers and professors
  • Discounts on software for current students

“Flare's single-sourcing to multiple outputs, including mobile, has given our students first-hand experience in publishing to the different online formats that companies require.”

—Sue Andrews | Simon Fraser University

“Flare is an extremely intuitive product. I had very little knowledge of XML programming before, but I was able to use Flare as a guide to learn on my own.”

—Domenic Boos | PhD Student and Industrial Engineer, RWTH Aachen University

"Having a program where I could take the step from concept to implementation was crucial for my current position," said Julian Cantella, a student of the CMU Software Documentation class now working with a large high-tech company as a student co-op. "Using Flare in the class helped me to prepare professionally. I am regularly publishing documentation in different formats, including PDFs and online content, and I use topic-based authoring every day."

—Julian Cantella | Carnegie Mellon University

University and college administrators, educators and students who want to learn more about the MadCap Scholar Program and their eligibility to participate can visit, email, or call 1-858-320-0387.