The MadCap Scholar Program offers access to the cutting-edge tools and best practices that students need to succeed in the field of Technical Communications.

Giving students the opportunity to work with MadCap Flare and the rest of the MadPak early on in their student life has proven to instill best practices that are essential to a student’s success with a long-term career in the technical communication industry. This year alone, more than 25 universities around the world - spanning North America, Asia and Europe - have joined the Scholar Program.

The following schools are the latest to partner with MadCap Software's MadCap Scholar Program:

University of Central Florida Logo

University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is joining forces with MadCap Software to empower students taking its “Writing for the Computer Industry” course with the knowledge and experience that will give them a clear competitive advantage in the workforce. Through the MadCap Scholar Program, students are gaining expertise in the modern techniques and software used by thousands of companies worldwide when they enter the corporate world.

The online undergraduate course, “Writing for the Computer Industry," is comprised of students majoring in Information Technology and English, Technical Communication, who are seeking to learn leading technical communication approaches for creating online Help systems and software manuals. The class focuses on teaching the technical use of MadCap Flare as well as broader concepts, such as topic-based authoring, to develop professional online Help and other forms of technical documentation.

"MadCap provides a premium tool and is extremely thoughtful when it comes to education," said Dan Jones, a technical communication professor in the Department of English at the University of Central Florida. "I really appreciate how the company went above and beyond, giving me the necessary training to enrich my own knowledge of its software. This has reaffirmed my confidence in sharing best practices with my students. Since MadCap allows for many applications of Flare, I'm looking forward to seeing ways students use it."

University of Alabama in Huntsville logo

University of Alabama in Huntsville

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) is partnering with MadCap Software to ensure that students pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication have a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.

Through the MadCap Scholar licensing program, students will learn how to use MadCap Flare to create technical documentation for online help, software documentation, policy and procedure manuals, knowledge bases, and user guides.

"I really appreciate MadCap helping us to become a great resource for students to prepare themselves for a career in technical communications," says Dr. Ryan Weber, UAH's Director of Business and Technical Writing. "It's exciting to get this recognition from a company that is so integral to the technical communications market."

Peking University logo

Peking University in China

Peking University in China is using MadCap’s industry-leading authoring and multi-channel publishing products—supporting print, Web, desktop and mobile—to provide students with the most advanced authoring and publishing solution available today. By using MadCap products, students are gaining expertise and understanding of the modern techniques of the technical writing process. Furthermore, these students will gain exposure to and use the software used by thousands of companies worldwide.

The Peking University is the first school in mainland China to offer the Master Program of Computer-aided Translation for which technical communication plays a major role. "I really appreciate MadCap recognizing our university and helping us to become a great resource for students to prepare themselves for a lifelong career using industry leading tools," says Zhijun (James) Gao, lecturer for Text Translation and Technical Writing. "It’s exciting to teach my master degree students using products from a company that is leading the technical communications market."

These are just some of the benefits of joining the MadCap Scholar Program:

  • We’ll outfit entire labs with MadCap Software applications – absolutely free
  • Free Training, including the MAD Certification Test, for teachers and professors
  • Discounts on software for current students

To learn more about the MadCap Scholar Program, click here.