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MadCap Flare

On-prem Topic-based Authoring and Publishing

MadCap Central

Your hub for streamlined content collaboration and management


Enterprise-class Component Content Management System (CCMS)

MadCap Xyleme

Enterprise-class Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Website Navigation Templates

MadCap Flare takes your technical documentation to the next level with our top navigation navbar templates, meticulously designed for Flare projects. They empower technical writers and content creators to craft intuitive and elegant documentation that stands out. With our templates, you can create a seamless user experience, ensuring that your policy and procedure manuals, help centers, and online content are both accessible and engaging.

Engage and Direct with Precision-Crafted Navigation

  • Maximize your content's impact with our navbar templates, which enables clear navigation and easy access to related articles, enhancing the user's journey throughout your Flare project.
  • Top Navigation menus enhance the structure of your Flare project's documentation, granting easy access to quick links and related content.
  • Efficiently organize complex information and provide clear direction, courtesy of our thoughtfully designed navigation elements.

Transform Your Flare Documentation with Dynamic Navigation Tools

Our templates are more than just a visual aid; they're a pivot towards a more dynamic and user-friendly documentation experience. By integrating our navbar templates into your Flare projects, you create a navigational flow that guides users through your content effortlessly. Our main content layouts are clean, distraction-free, and focused on delivering your message effectively.

The adaptability of our navbar templates means that the top of your documentation won't be static or uninviting. Adjust the navbar height, style, and contents to suit your project's needs and maintain your brand's aesthetic consistency. With dropdown menus and clear navigation links, our templates provide a structured yet flexible approach to content organization.

NavBar Templates with Complete HTML5/CSS3

The following style guide and technical writing templates are supported in MadCap Flare 2017 r2 and higher. All output previews have been published using MadCap Central.

Santaluz Project Template


This sleek, simple design highlights a top navigation layout with easy to use navigation link boxes. Plus, an added menu displays topics with customizable tiles that can be easily adjusted or added for a better user experience.

Moonlight Project Template


This template’s modern look and feel makes navigating through documentation easy. Prominent how-to links and a video tutorial section to highlight important announcements and feature updates.

Del Mar Project Template

Del Mar

This highly customizable template features a large hero image spanning across the home page. A brief summary can be added to each topic providing an introduction into various sections for additional context.

Morena Project Template


A vibrant template with a modern look and feel, this site utilizes multi-colored tiles so users can dive into various topics, tutorials or training guides quickly and easily.

Coronado Project Template


A responsive grid layout with customizable tiles that can be easily adjusted. Multiple navigation options make it easy for users to find documentation, news, and community updates across multiple projects.

Girard Project Template


A template designed with mobile users in mind. User-friendly navigation showcases relevant information to visitors, directing them to important articles and content.

Sunset Project Template


A unique way to display technical communication websites and documentation, featuring a side menu and appealing visuals. Additional categories can be easily added to ease navigation for users.

Silverado Project Template


An ideal start to building a responsive portal for technical documentation and other types of technical content. The polished, adaptive style and layout prominently displays categories and visuals where they can't be missed.

Torrey Project Template


An elegant, minimal way to display documentation. Tiles can be customized to display categories; home page categories, icons and gradients can be easily added, removed and edited by a content writer.

Soledad Project Template


This modern, professional layout provides your users with a comprehensive start to navigating your technical documents. Logos and colors can be easily added or edited.

Ivanhoe Project Template


Design is stripped down to the essentials, providing your users with the exact information they need. Tiles can be added or removed, and are prominently displayed on the homepage, with a minimal background.

Balboa Project Template


Taking advantage of the responsive, long-format design and parallax scrolling, this professional technical documentation template is a great way to display content, while providing visual elements that match with your company's look and feel.

Enhance Your eLearning Platform with Streamlined Navigation Templates

MadCap Flare's top navigation templates are essential for developing superior technical documentation and online help systems. These resources go beyond simple time-saving measures—they enhance the overall quality and accessibility of your documentation, positioning your organization to thrive in the fast-paced world of digital information.

  • Comprehensive Navigation Solutions for Documentation: With an extensive array of navigation templates, MadCap Flare empowers you to quickly develop and deploy structured and intuitive documentation. These templates reduce the complexity and time involved in creating detailed technical content, elevating the end-user experience.
  • Customization and Scalability for Online Help Systems: MadCap Flare’s navigation templates offer unparalleled customization, allowing you to tailor your online help systems to fit specific project demands. Whether you're detailing simple procedures or explaining intricate systems, our templates scale with your project’s scope, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Integrated Content Management: Simplify the management of your technical content with MadCap Central—our cloud-based content management system integrated within MadCap Flare. It streamlines the process from content creation to publishing, including project management, SME review, translation, and analytics, for a seamless and efficient workflow.
  • Multi-format Publishing: MadCap Flare supports multi-format publishing options, including responsive HTML5 for online help systems and comprehensive PDFs for traditional documentation. This flexibility ensures that your technical content is accessible and adaptable to the needs of your audience.
  • Collaborative Review and Feedback Integration: Facilitate collaboration with MadCap Central’s review and contribution features, enabling stakeholders and subject matter experts to provide critical input on your technical documentation. This collaborative approach guarantees the accuracy, relevance, and user alignment of your content.

MadCap Flare's navigation templates are your key to delivering authoritative, user-friendly technical documentation and online help systems. Start leveraging these templates today to see a transformative impact on your documentation workflow.


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