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Press Center | 2008


ISOdx used MadCap Flare and Analyzer to deliver award-winning documentation

Dec 8, 2008

We already had award-winning software for customers in the service and support market, and we wanted award-winning documentation to go with it, said Dave Seman, ISOdx manager of business and channel operations. MadCap Flare allowed us to meet that goal, and now in sales calls, we promote our user manuals and online Help along with our software. Its a big competitive differentiator for us.

FOX Racing Shox

Fox Racing Shox Modernizes Online Documentation With MadCap Flare

Nov 17, 2008

The FOX Racing Shox Bicycle Division now uses Flare to deliver its online bike owner's manual in seven different languages, as well as power its online service site-providing a consistent look and feel for retail customers, dealers, and direct distributors. Flare replaces Adobe RoboHelp®.

MadCap Search Optimizer

MadCap Software Extends Cutting-edge Webhelp Functionality to Users of Legacy Browser-based Help Systems

Nov 3, 2008

The Search Optimizer extends MadCap's cutting-edge WebHelp search to legacy browser-based Help systems. Now authors that continue to build their Web or intranet documentation using legacy tools can still provide their users with the most advanced WebHelp search in the industry.


MadCap Software to Provide First Complete Authoring and Publishing Suite of Tools for DITA; No Extra Toolkits or Developer Resources Required

Oct 29, 2008

MadCap Unveils DITA Product Roadmap at DocTrain East; Joins Oasis to Contribute to DITA Standard Evolution

MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare Selected as Top Authoring Application in Two Technical Writer Surveys

Oct 27, 2008

Market Demand for MadCap Flare Surpasses Legacy Solutions as More Than 39 Percent of Surveys' Respondents Name Flare Their Authoring Application of Choice.

AeA Awards

MadCap Software Selected as Finalist in 15th Annual AEA High Tech Awards

Oct 6, 2008

Leading Content Authoring Company Recognized for Innovation in Architecture, Customer Focus and Continuing Growth.

MadCap Capture v3

MadCap Software Launches Capture 3.0 for Cutting-edge Screen Capture and Graphics Editing

Oct 6, 2008

MadCap Software Launches Capture 3.0 for Cutting-Edge Screen Capture and Graphics Editing MadCap Capture adds new system clipboard integration and significantly enhances text single-sourcing, image editing features, and output options.

Intentional Design

Intentional Design Uses MadCap Flare to Complete Enterprise Health Management System Training Documentation Project in Six Weeks

Sep 29, 2008

“Flare was the best fit for the project with its topic-based authoring and ability to publish to multiple channels from a single source file... Flare allowed us to become heroes in the eyes of our client”

MadCap Blaze

MadCap Software Redefines Print Publishing with Debut of MadCap Blaze

Sep 8, 2008

MadCap Blaze, with its topic-based authoring, fundamentally changes the process of publishing large print documents, such as books or corporate manuals. With the addition of Blaze, MadCap now has a complete and comprehensive single-sourcing solution.

MadCap Flare v4

MadCap Flare 4.0 Adds Enhanced Print Publishing Capabilities, New Inter-Project File Sharing, and Integration with MadCap X-Edit Collaboration Tools

Sep 8, 2008

Headlining the new features in Flare 4.0 are the extensive print functionality; the ability to single-source files across multiple projects; and tight integration with the new MadCap X-Edit toolenabling very streamlined document review and contribution workflow. Together, these features transform Flare from a leading-edge online authoring solution to the first application that provides comprehensive, best-in-class functionality for publishing both print and online content.

MadCap Software

MadCap Software Expands Native XML Family of Documentation and Content Authoring Products

Sep 8, 2008

MadCap Blaze, X-Edit, Flare 4.0, and Analyzer 2.0 Enable Integrated State-of-the-Art Publishing Workflow. With these four new releases, MadCap delivers on the promise to provide a complete set of tools to support a full range of print and online authoring needs, empowering everyone from documentation professionals to technical support staff, IT professionals, business managers, and other casual contributors.


Basys Moves to Web-Based Content Delivery Using MadCap Flare

Aug 25, 2008

Using features in Flare, such as single-sourcing, reusable snippets, and conditional tags, basys also has significantly cut the time for maintaining its documentation completing some updates in minutes that once took hours. Flare replaces the Adobe RoboHelp® content authoring tool.

GPRO Technologies

GPRO Cuts Authoring and Translation Time up to Six-fold Using MadCap Lingo And Flare From MadCap Software

Jun 23, 2008

GPRO used the combination of MadCap Lingo and MadCap Flare to implement a completely integrated and efficient solution for content authoring, translation memory and publishing. Where it once took up to six months to deliver a documentation project, GPRO now uses MadCap Lingo and Flare to complete the project in just one month.

MadCap Mimin v2

MadCap Software Adds Silverlight Support to State-Of-The-Art Software Simulation

Jun 9, 2008

'Microsoft is very excited with the Silverlight integration that MadCap Software has added to Mimic,' said Tim Sneath, group manager for Client Platform Evangelism at Microsoft. 'The combination of Silverlight and MadCap Mimic, which takes advantage of the Microsoft .NET Framework, enables a rich, Web-enabled delivery vehicle for eLearning, technical support, online Help, and sales and marketing.'

MadCap Software and Form Strategic Partnership to Streamline Delivery of Best-in-class, Localized Content

May 1, 2008

Initial localization projects using's services and content created by MadCap Flare, the industry's first native XML authoring software, have resulted in cost savings of up to 50 percent.

ASP Award

MadCap Software Awarded by Association of Support Professionals for Having One of the Industry's Ten Best Web Support Sites

Apr 29, 2008

MadCap's Online Support Recognized for Excellence in Design, Customer Experience, Usability and Interactivity — prestigious ASP award recognizes the ten companies that best exemplify excellence in online service and support.

Red Herring Finalist

MadCap Software Named a Finalist for Red Herring North America 100 Award

Apr 21, 2008

Technology Innovation and Financial Performance Played Key Roles in MadCap's Selection.

MadCap Software

MadCap Software Unveils Roadmap for First Complete Native XML Family of Documentation and Content Authoring Products

Mar 17, 2008

MadCap Brings Together Authoring, Collaboration, Analysis, Translation, and Multimedia Software into a State-of-the-Art Workflow Solution. The tightly integrated MadCap family will provide companies with an end-to-end solution for developing and delivering content in print, online, and on the Web—and in their language of choice.

MadCap Mimic

MadCap Software Adds Web-based Training Expert to Lead MadCap Mimic Product Management

Mar 10, 2008

Patricia Dear has joined the MadCap team as product manager for MadCap Mimic. In this role, Ms. Dear will build on Mimic's powerful, native XML capabilities for creating software simulation movies to evolve it into a robust application for eLearning.


MadCap Feedback Server Lets Protech Associates Respond to Customers in Real Time

Feb 25, 2008

“When MadCap introduced its Feedback Server, it was the obvious choice. It is the only product we've seen that combines Web 2.0 community features with usage tracking. That unique combination has enabled us to improve documentation, enhance our products, and increase our productivity.”


Citect Increases Productivity 200 Percent Using Flare From MadCap Software

Feb 4, 2008

Citect's decision to move to Flare was the result of an in-depth review of more than half a dozen products.

MadCap Lingo

MadCap Software Debuts MadCap Lingo — Rewrites the Rules for Translating Documentation

Jan 14, 2008

“Without any training, I was able to install it on one of our translator's computers, and in less than a day she was productive. True to its promise, Lingo enabled translation while preserving all of our document structure and formatting, and my translator reported back that this is going to make her job much simpler.” Rowdy Bristol, technical communications manager of Gemcom Software Australia Pty. Ltd.

MadCap Analyzer

MadCap Software Launches MadCap Analyzer, First Software to Proactively Suggest Content Development Improvements

Jan 14, 2008

MadCap Software today announced the debut of MadCap Analyzer, the first software to proactively suggest document development improvements. MadCap Analyzer also provides the most comprehensive project reporting in the technical documentation industry, delivering more than twice the functionality of any competing solution.


Divestco Deploys Flare from MadCap Software to Enhance Customer Experience, Speed Online Help Projects

Jan 7, 2008

Divestco, headquartered in Calgary, Canada, is a leading provider of software, data, and services to the oil and gas industry. Divestco chooses Flare over other Authoring solutions for its native XML architecture; support for Microsoft .NET, reusable components and more…