Today we’re excited to introduce the MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS), a new offering from MadCap Software that combines the power and flexibility of desktop authoring with the convenience of cloud-based content workflow and management. With MadCap AMS, content developers have a single solution designed to support the entire content development lifecycle, including:

  • Authoring and Publishing
  • Cloud-based Editing, Publishing, Project & Content Management
  • Lightweight Contribution and Review
  • Translation

All components within the MadCap AMS are not new – the industry-leading applications have been available individually, and still can be purchased separately. This new offering combines all of the components into a single subscription, along with Platinum-level Support and Maintenance and the MadCap Flare Introductory Training Course, making the all-in-one solution priced at a tremendous value for customers looking to reap the benefits of both a desktop and cloud-based solution. Plus, tight integration between each product – Flare, MadCap Central, MadCap Capture, MadCap Mimic, MadCap Lingo as well as the plugin developed by MadCap Software for Salesforce – ensures that workflows are streamlined and efficient. No third party applications are necessary.

By utilizing both the cloud and desktop environment, technical writers and documentation teams can take advantage of the distinct benefits of each solution, without sacrificing common issues such as network reliance, security, or platform dependency.

Support the Entire Content Development Lifecycle with a Single Integrated Solution

The combined integration of the desktop and the cloud aim to alleviate the pain points for technical writers and documentation teams, improve efficiencies, and reduce the reliance on other departments within the organization. With MadCap AMS, documentation teams are supported across multiple stages of the content lifecycle, including:

Authoring and Publishing

Take advantage of cutting-edge technical authoring and publishing capabilities, with advanced features to maximize authoring efficiency and content reuse. MadCap AMS offers the ability to streamline content creation and delivery with content reuse and single-sourcing, and multi-channel publishing. With additional features such as project analytics and reporting, built-in project templates, multimedia support and more, authors are able to focus on improving content without relying on expensive third-party plugins or applications.

Cloud-based Publishing, Project and Content Management

Need a secure, cloud-based project management tool for publishing? With MadCap AMS, content developers can host content, schedule builds, manage projects and tasks, view reports, and more. By combining desktop-based authoring and publishing with a secure cloud-based environment, the ability to share content across projects and users is easier than ever.

Contribution and Review

MadCap AMS makes it possible to let anyone in an organization contribute and review content using a lightweight, easy-to-use, cloud-based editor - without having to install any software. Multiple SMEs, authors and non-Flare users can make changes and add comments to the same topic or snippet simultaneously.  Changes in the lightweight editor are tracked, and auto-saved as you work, so content authors can accept and reject changes when edits and reviews are complete.


MadCap AMS makes translation efficient with advanced tools to manage large-scale documentation projects and capabilities for multi-language authoring, translation and publishing. Create content for any language, manage terminologies, and deliver documentation to global audiences, all from a single, integrated environment.

What’s Included with Your MadCap AMS Subscription?

Subscription plans for MadCap AMS include:

  • MadCap Flare: Maximize content reuse and publish content to multiple outputs with Flare’s advanced authoring capabilities. Single-source authoring and publishing ensures that your end users have access to the information they need, on any device, language or format.
  • MadCap Central: Extend your authoring capabilities with a secure cloud-based platform for content and project management. In addition to including 1 Author Seat and 2 SME Seats, MadCap AMS also includes 30 GB of cloud storage per AMS subscription.
  • MadCap Mimic: A versatile multimedia creation tool for videos, simulations, tutorials and more.
  • MadCap Capture: Enhance content reuse with advanced screen capturing and image editing features which make it easy to incorporate images into your content.
  • MadCap Lingo: Manage all your translation needs with MadCap Lingo, which offers features such as translation memories, reporting, multi-language translation support, and more.
  • Salesforce Connect: Publish content directly to Salesforce with the Salesforce Connect plugin and clean XHTML output.
  • Platinum-level Maintenance and Support: Includes free product upgrades, unlimited telephone and email support, plus expanded support hours.
  • MadCap Flare Introductory Training: Instructor-led certified training that can be taken live or viewed on demand.

Request a Demo with Your Free Trial

Our free trials are fully functional, allowing you to deploy and test the solution in your own environment. Plus, we are happy to walk through the features with a live product demonstration.

If you have any questions regarding the MadCap Authoring and Management System, feel free to contact me at