Now there are even more reasons to attend MadWorld 2014, the premier technical communication and content strategy conference for technical writers, documentation managers and content strategists.


We’ve added the following new sessions from the MadCap Software team:

MadCap Flare 10: What’s New Overview, presented by Jose Sermeno

JoseSermeno2014In this presentation, Product Evangelist Jose Sermeno will provide an overview of the new features and content elements that can be found in the newest release of MadCap Flare 10.  Responsive HTML5 output, workflow enhancements, embedded slideshows, project templates, custom lists, the updated Find and Replace, source control improvements, and the new export capabilities are just some of the updated features that will be discussed.

Single-sourcing for a Global Audience, presented by Jose Sermeno

Whether you are translating your documentation now or plan to in the future, writing your content with a global audience in mind can improve content quality and reduce costs. In this presentation, Product Evangelist Jose Sermeno will provide real-world examples of how companies are using the MadPak Suite to simplify the translation process and lower overall content development costs. Concepts covered will include an overall process description, workflow examples for each of the related tools, common problems to watch out for and best practices for translation management. The applications discussed in the session in Flare, MadCap Lingo, Capture, Mimic and Analyzer.

Content Authoring for Responsive Design, presented by Mike Hamilton

MikeHamiltonIn this session Mike Hamilton will explain and show techniques for authoring and styling content so that it not only works in a responsive design architecture, but increases usability and customer satisfaction. Mike will start with some of the core concepts of responsive design such as the differences between fixed values and relative values in the context of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). He will then show specific techniques dealing with text, images, tables, and layout to help ensure that your content is just as responsive as the overall system. Mike will be using the MadCap Flare authoring system for demonstrations, but the techniques will apply to anyone creating content to support publishing with responsive design as a goal.

MadCap Pulse: Reporting and Analytics Meets Social Collaboration, presented by Jennifer White

JenniferWhite2014Who are your end users? What do they want? Are you doing a good job of providing it to them? During this grand tour of all its functionalities and reports, you’ll learn how MadCap Pulse can give you valuable insight into your users and how they interact with  your documentation.

Making Your Content Look Great: Design Basics for the Technical Writer, presented by Jennifer White, Tricia Gardner

You don’t have to be an artist to make your content look amazing. In this session, with the help of MadCap Software graphic designer Tricia Gardner, you’ll learn the fundamentals of design and how they can be applied both in your topics and in MadCap Flare’s HTML5 Skin Editor.

This Session Goes to 11: How the Flare Online Project Templates Were Created, presented by Paul Stoecklein

PaulStoecklein2014MadCap Software Documentation Manager Paul Stoecklein takes you through the steps and challenges in creating the project templates for online output in Flare 10. This includes the Online Advanced, Online Basic, and Slideshow templates, with emphasis on the different content features, styles, and skins.

This Session Goes to 12: How the Flare Print-based Project Templates Were Created, presented by Paul Stoecklein

In this second installment, MadCap Software Documentation Manager Paul Stoecklein takes you through the steps and challenges in creating the project templates for print-based output in Flare 10. This includes the User Guide Advanced, User Guide Basic, Product Foldout, and maybe even other templates if time allows. Emphasis will be on page layouts, content flow, autonumbers, images, and TOCs (both manual and auto-generated).

Check out the entire MadWorld 2014 agenda of sessions here.

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Jennifer White

About Jennifer White

Jennifer White, a Product Evangelist at MadCap Software, has over 15 years of experience in writing, broadcasting, public speaking, marketing and social media management. Jennifer has also served as a social media manager, blogger, on-air host, writer and content provider for CBS Radio and Fox TV.

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