MadWorld 2013 is almost upon us! What is MadWorld, you ask? Only the most fun and informative technical communication conference you’ll ever attend, that’s what.

Join the MadCap team, industry thought leaders and your peers at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego from April 7-9 2013 and stuff your brain with more skills, ideas, and best practices than you can handle. Oh, and did someone say “networking?” ‘Cause there will be plenty of opportunities for that.

Let’s get to know one of our rock star presenters:

ScottBassScott Bass is the founder and current president of Advanced Language Translation Inc., a technical translation and localization services provider. With over 20 years of experience in corporate language services, Scott currently handles R&D and key accounts, working with customers to find the best technical and language solutions for their organizations.

Tell us a little bit about your session: As a translation service provider, we are often asked to translate content that has been created using Flare. We learned very early with our interaction with Flare that because of its extensive capabilities users can setup Flare projects in ways that will make translation faster and cheaper. Likewise there are approaches that can make translation of Flare content more difficult. Our session at MadWorld will focus on how to use Flare to drive international communications. We are also going to present on Madcap Lingo and explain how it can help companies take control of their translations.

Besides coming to see your spectacular session, why should someone attend MadWorld? MadWorld is a great place to meet others who are striving to make their companies’ written communications do more for their companies. You will meet others who are using Madcap’s tools in exciting ways that you might not have yet thought about. You also learn great tricks and tips that can save you and your company time and money.

Excluding your session, which MadWorld session are you most interested in attending? I’m interested in Dave Gash’s session on Controlled Language (CL). CL has big implications for the field of translation, since it can positively impact translation productivity and our ability to use greater automation, such as machine translation.

I will also attend MadCap Flare – On the Cutting Edge. Mike Hamilton is a great presenter, and I love to hear about new features and ways of working with Flare.

In your humble opinion, what’s the coolest thing about MadCap Software? MadCap has done a phenomenal job creating a following. Not only do they create great tools that make users’ jobs easier, but MadCap has also fostered a conversation with its users, engaging them as customers, partners, and collaborators.

What makes you most excited about visiting San Diego? I’m really looking forward to MadWorld. But, being from upstate New York, a little sun and warm weather will be a nice break from a winter that usually lasts well into April. Also, I plan on doing some training at the San Diego Velodrome!

If someone really enjoyed your sessions and wants to buy you a drink at MadWorld Happy Hour, what cocktail should they order? I’m a beer guy. It’s because of my background in German.

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Space at Mad World is limited, so register now!

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