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Translation and Localization Services

Professional Language Translation & Localization for Websites, Software & More

MadTranslations specializes in complete end-to-end translation and localization services. Our services include everything from authoring, consulting, terminology assistance, to translation and project management. Take a look below for more information on each specific service.

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Language Translation Services

Reach your audience in any language. Our established network of translators and linguists gives MadTranslations the means to comfortably provide language services for nearly any language combination or file type.

Technical Expertise

With our extensive background in software development, we are uniquely equipped to tackle any project. Our professional linguists and project managers are experienced in working with a wide range of technical projects, such as software UI, training materials, user documentation, marketing materials, and more.

Support in Any Language

We provide translation and localization services for any language, including Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and more. All translators exclusively translate into their native languages, and are deeply familiar with cultural and linguistic boundaries. In addition, our team of linguists represent a broad level industry expertise and offer the in-depth cultural knowledge necessary to fully localize your content.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is more than just a quick check before final delivery. Every step of our process includes measures to ensure that your project is executed to the highest standards. With a range of linguistic resources, experienced project managers, and quality assurance procedures, we are committed to providing accurate, high-quality translations that are localized for your target audience.

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Software Localization Services

Targeting foreign markets requires more than just translating from one language to another. It requires a keen understanding of the cultural, functional, and linguistic expectations of the target speakers, while providing the same user experience. With deep expertise in software development and publishing platforms, MadTranslations can help you reach your global audience with end-to-end software localization services.

Software Localization Expertise

Our translators are skilled in translating and localizing material in a wide range of file types and technologies used by companies today. Our team can support projects in a variety of file types, such as: user interface localization (RC, DLF, EXE, DLL, etc.); Java properties such as XML and HTML; and Web Formats including HTML5, XML, SGML, and Adobe® Flash.

Linguistic and Functionality Testing

No application leaves our hands without being fully tested. MadTranslations offers functional and linguistic software testing for each language. Testing is performed on translated software builds and completed by a qualified technical linguist. Depending on the software format, we test for overwrites, duplicate accelerator keys and hotkeys, untranslated text, broken links, missing variables, truncation, and overall consistency.

Maximize Return on Investment

Through accurate localization tailored to meet your users’ ease-of-use requirements, MadTranslations help you maximize your return on investment by targeting foreign markets. Our complete lifecycle solution ensure that your end product meets the functional, linguistic and cultural needs of your international users.

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Website Localization Services

Whether your website is an online marketing tool or a full-fledged e-commerce portal, localized content plays a major role in providing a seamless user experience. MadTranslations offers a wide range of solutions to ensure that your website is accurately adapted for global audiences. Our website localization services is designed to support your company's presence in international markets, helping users discover a wide range of information, products, and services in their native language.

Comprehensive Localization Solutions

From translation, localization testing, to terminology management, we offer a full-life cycle solution tailored to your needs. Whether you need translation services for multimedia, web or print content, our skilled linguists and project managers ensure high-quality translations.

Supported Languages and Technologies

MadTranslations is able to support a wide range of programming languages, such as ASP, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, XML, and more. In addition, our staff has experience with a variety of web technologies and platforms, such as WordPress, Silverlight®, SharePoint®, and CMS systems.

Increase Your Visibility Overseas

Attract large audiences and cater to new clients, distributors, and employees in their native language. By localizing your entire website for other countries, MadTranslations can help you boost audience engagement, ensure brand messaging, and more.


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Multimedia Localization Services

MadTranslations provides multimedia localization services that can tackle a wide variety of content, ranging from product videos, eLearning courses, podcasts, and more. Expand your media to other countries, all while ensuring that they are culturally and linguistically flawless.

Multimedia Localization Expertise

From narrations, subtitles, animations, and more, our linguists and project managers are skilled with providing multimedia localization services for programs that require multimedia content, such as eLearning materials, marketing content, and online presentations. In addition, our translators have deep experience with major multimedia tools such as MadCap Mimic, Adobe® Captivate®, Adobe® Flash, Camtasia®, PowerPoint®, Final Cut Pro®, and more.

Quality Audio and Video Translations

All translations are done by professional native speakers, working in strict compliance with the brand and messaging guidelines of the organization, such as terminology usage or style guides. Our editors rigorously check translations for consistency, accuracy, and formatting, and ensure that the final result is seamlessly integrated with the desired multimedia format.

Reach Global Audiences

Through accurate localization tailored to meet your users’ ease-of-use requirements, MadTranslations help you maximize your return on investment by targeting foreign markets. Our services ensure that your video and audio content is adapted to the cultural, functional, and linguistic expectations of the target speakers.

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Technical Documentation

As a leading provider of authoring solutions, with thousands of companies worldwide using our products and services to author and publish content, nobody understands technical authoring and single-source publishing as well as MadCap Software. Companies all over the world rely on MadTranslations to provide translation and localization services for technical documentation in a wide range of languages.

Translate Technical Documents, User Guides, Manuals and More

As a leading provider of authoring and technical translation services, MadTranslations is well-versed in technical authoring and single-source publishing. Our integration and deep expertise with MadCap Flare, MadCap Lingo, along with other file types allows us to tackle translation and localization projects for a wide range of documents, such as policy and procedure manuals, knowledge bases, online Help, employee handbooks and more.

Deliver Content with Multi-Channel Publishing

The strength of our systems is that content is published in one central repository of data in a single user interface but then published to many channels like PDF, XPS, Word, FrameMaker®, DITA, XHTML with Integrated Navigation (cross-browser, cross-platform), Microsoft® HTML Help, Mobile platforms (iPhone® OS, Windows® Mobile, Android®, BlackBerry®), DotNet Help and HTML5.

Integration with Leading Authoring and Translation Tools

Our project managers are specialists in MadCap Software products, professionally trained in MadCap Flare and MadCap Lingo. We integrate MadCap Flare and MadCap Lingo into our standard workflow, allowing clients to reduce complexity or the need to add additional tools. With the source documents in hand, we can handle the project using MadCap Flare while taking advantage of MadCap Lingo’s improved consistency and efficiency.

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eLearning Localization

eLearning translation and localization offers a unique set of challenges. Our team of experts ensures that your business-critical learning content is accurately and appropriately adapted to each local culture. We focus on the adaptation of eLearning software and online training materials to each target market's language, cultural expectations as well as legal requirements.

eLearning Multimedia and Content Expertise

Our team of experts can localize and support a wide range of eLearning content, including classroom-based instruction materials, certification and assessment programs, and computer- and web-based training courses.

Work with Any Platform or Format

Our translators are proficient in the latest authoring tools and learning management systems used to create eLearning content. Some of the common formats that we work with include MadCap Mimic, Adobe® Flash, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, and more.

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Terminology Management

Going global with your products makes proper terminology management a must. MadTranslations can help you establish a solid foundation with a clear set of rules, improving accuracy and consistency in communications, both in your source language and all your required target languages.

Terminology Management Expertise

Terminology management allows you to achieve effective and accurate source documents and translations by organizing terms with a clear set of rules for their usage. This ensures that your source documents are consistent, and that the correct term is used within all translations. MadTranslations supports you by providing the necessary tools and methodologies to achieve clear and accurate source documents and translations.

Improve Quality of Translations

Minimize the chances of errors that result from discrepancies in terms, phrases, or other commonly used text. Our terminology management services can minimize translation project costs and improve the quality of your multilingual content.

Establish Consistency

Ensure that branding and messaging is consistent in every language. Our team works directly with you to identify key terms and ensure that they adhere to your unique preferences. By establishing guidelines that determine how terminology is stored, used, and maintained, MadTranslations can ensure consistency throughout the translation process.

MadCap and MadTranslations offer first class support and are always available to meet our needs, from assistance with planning the project through to detailed and responsive technical support.

Steve Walker | Product Manager, Miro Technologies

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