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MadCap Flare Feature Highlight: Variable Suggestions in Project Analysis Ribbon
Jennifer Morse

Posted by Jennifer Morse

July 19, 20181 Comments

With the release of MadCap Flare 2018, the Project Analysis functionality got a major overhaul with the integration of MadCap Analyzer into Flare. As a Flare user, you no longer have to launch a separate tool. Instead, …

How to Embed Google Maps in a MadCap Flare Topic
Henry Manes

Posted by Henry Manes

July 12, 2018

Embedding Google Maps in your MadCap Flare generated content is one of the best ways to enhance your users’ experience and their connection to your organization. Examples of types of users who might find an embedded …

Top Takeaways from the Translation Panel at MadWorld 2018
Mike McDermott

Posted by Mike McDermott

July 5, 2018

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at MadWorld 2018, titled “Translation Panel: Learn How Your Organization Can Leverage MadCap Flare and MadCap Lingo”. Joining me on the panel …

A Guide to Embedding Zendesk into MadCap Flare Topics
Jennifer Morse

Posted by Jennifer Morse

June 28, 20182 Comments

Does your support team rely on Zendesk to manage support tickets? If you’re looking for a way to bring Zendesk’s functionality into your MadCap Flare-supported documentation, adding a Zendesk widget into your …

Auto-numbering in MadCap Flare: Part 2 – How to Create Custom Numbering Sequences
Dee Vincent-Day

Posted by Dee Vincent-Day

June 21, 20182 Comments

In my previous post, I explained how to achieve legal numbering using auto-numbering functionality in MadCap Flare. But what if you don’t want to use legal-style numbering? In this post, I explain how to create your …