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Jack DeLand

Articles by Jack DeLand

Jack DeLand has delivered Help projects and/or Help authoring training to AT&T, Bayer, BDO, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Sky Software, Cargill, Dell, Delta Dental, Deloitte, Dupont, Exxon, Ford, Gehry Technologies, GM, Harland Clarke, Hewlett Packard, Information Mapping Europe, LA Times, Lucent Technologies, Meteorcomm, Microsoft, Motorola, NCR, Nestlé GLOBE, Raymond James, SAP, Silicon Valley Bank, Sybase, Symantec, Texas Instruments, Thomson Reuters, Unisys, Verodin, and Western Electric, but his abiding interest remains the hoax works of Edgar Allan Poe. These are examined in depth at an evolving scholarly website, He chooses to specialize solely in Flare development.

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