How to Make the Most of Global Project Linking in MadCap Flare
Craig Wright

Posted by Craig Wright

April 5, 2018

If your organisation has a range of similar products, it’s likely that the documentation will have some common content. For example, you may have several products that all need the same safety warnings or legal …

A Handy Guide on How to Quickly Import Excel Data to MadCap Flare
Mattias Sander

Posted by Mattias Sander

March 27, 20182 Comments

Want to maximize the use of your existing data to create content in MadCap Flare? Keep reading. One rainy morning in Copenhagen my boss had just given me the task of creating individual release note topic files based …

Auto-numbering in MadCap Flare: Part 1 – How to Create Legal-Style Numbering
Dee Vincent-Day

Posted by Dee Vincent-Day

March 15, 2018

For most numbering purposes, you may find that an ordered list perfectly meets your needs. However, for certain documentation, you need something a bit more complex that allows you more control over indents and the …

A Guide to the Build Automation Features in MadCap Flare
Justin Bondoc

Posted by Justin Bondoc

February 22, 20182 Comments

In MadCap Flare, publishing builds is a relatively simple process - your content is added and formatted in the project, the target is developed, and you’re ready to build and publish the final output. But say you’re …

How to Inherit an Outdated MadCap Flare Project in Nine Steps
Michal Skowron

Posted by Michal Skowron

January 25, 2018

You inherited a MadCap Flare project that looks like a complete mess. Someone imported a Word document into Flare ages ago, fixed some stuff here and there to make the output decent enough, and then left the company. …