MadCap Lingo is a software tool designed to assist technical writers, documentation specialists and professional translators in the translation process. MadCap Lingo helps to improve translation efficiency with translation memory support, terminology management, detailed reporting capabilities and more.


The New MadCap Lingo 8

We’re pleased to announce the release of MadCap Lingo 8, which includes the following new features:

  • Translation Editor Enhancements
  • Support for Multiple Translation Memory Connections
  • SQLite Database Support
  • Concordance Search
  • Segmentation Rules Editor
  • Streamlined Termbase Editor
  • Support for 101% Matches
  • Preview Documents for Word™ and PowerPoint®
  • And Much More!

“Thanks again to you and to the development team for this great release of MadCap Lingo [Version 8]. It now offers all the missing features that prevented me, until now, to switch all my translation projects to Lingo…”

—André Vanderschueren | Technical Writer, ASTeC

Learn more about the new features here, and read the press release here.

New to MadCap Lingo? Watch the latest videos here:

Meet MadCap Lingo

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About Jennifer White

Jennifer White, a Product Evangelist at MadCap Software, has over 15 years of experience in writing, broadcasting, public speaking, marketing and social media management. Jennifer has also served as a social media manager, blogger, on-air host, writer and content provider for CBS Radio and Fox TV.

Last Modified: August 14, 2015

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