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Advanced computer-aided translation (CAT) management for technical authors, documentation teams and translators.

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NEW Madcap Lingo 11

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MadCap Lingo 11
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DeepL Machine Translation Integration

You can now use DeepL, the neural machine translation engine, as your machine translation provider.

DeepL Machine Translation Integration Screenshot

All-New Support for Micro Content Files from MadCap Flare

Micro content files can now be translated in MadCap Lingo. Micro content is short, concise information that stands alone, maximizes and expands re-use of content beyond topic-based authoring, and is easily consumable by machine learning and AI applications.

Micro Content Files

Source Control Enhancements for Git, including Branch Merging and Revert Commit Support

Using Git source control for your MadCap Lingo projects? You can now merge branches and revert commits you have made in branches.

Source Control Enhancements for Git

Export All Languages Enabled for a Single Project

If you have a multilingual project, you can export all of the languages enabled for that project at one time instead of exporting all languages individually. For individual files, you can also append language codes to the exported file names instead of having them exported to separate folders per language.

Export All Languages Enabled for a Single Project Screenshot

Enhanced Thesaurus Support

You can now look up synonyms for terms in your target segments
through the Thesaurus window pane.

Enhanced Thesaurus Screenshot

Adobe® FrameMaker® 2019 Support

You can now translate your content from Adobe® FrameMaker® 2019 files in MadCap Lingo.

Diagram showing Adobe FrameMaker support

Language Drop-down
in File List Window

You can now select the language of your project in the File List window, in addition
to the Project Properties.

Screenshot showing New Language Drop-down in File List Window

Redesigned Start Page for Easy Access to Recent Projects, Pinned Favorites and More

A redesigned Start Page makes it easy to access your projects, including the ability to pin your favorite or most commonly accessed projects to the top of your list. You can also search and filter from your recent and pinned projects to quickly find projects.

Screenshot showing the redesigned Start Page

New File Types Support

Added file support now includes
JSON and SVG files for translation.

New File Types icon

Plus: Bug Fixes, Performance Enhancements and More

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What’s New in MadCap Lingo 11

MadCap Lingo
10.2 Release

  • New File Support for Adobe® FrameMaker® 2017
  • Custom Installation Support
  • Find and Replace Enhancements
  • Microsoft® Team Foundation Server 2017 and 2018 Support

MadCap Lingo
10.1 Release

  • Send Multiple Targets for Translation in a Single File
  • Show or Hide Non-Breaking Hyphens and Spaces
  • Import Alternate Tag Segments in Translation Memories

MadCap Lingo
10 Release

  • Project Linking and Sync
  • Font Mapping
  • Index Keyword and Glossary Term Sort Orders
  • Language Skins
  • Multiple DITA Enhancements, including Content Reference Support, DITA Element Types and Dynamic Attribute Filtering
  • Dynamic Condition and Target Filtering
  • Snippet and Variable Flattening
  • Integrated Source Control Support, including Subversion, Git, Team Foundation Server and Perforce
  • Batch and Multi-Language Image Replacement
  • New File Support, including Support for Unrecognized File Types
  • Redesigned Translation Statistics and Quality Assurance Reports
  • New Table of Contents View Pane

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