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MadCap Central Suite Subscription

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The MadCap Central Suite subscription is licensed on a per user basis and enables access to all features and functionality for the subscription period from date of purchase.

Your subscription includes:

  • 1 MadCap Central Content Developer License (Author – includes Madcap Flare)
  • 2 MadCap Central Content Reviewer (SMEs)
  • MadCap Publishing Connectors ( 1 Salesforce, 1 Zendesk, and 1 ServiceNow)
  • 1 MadCap Lingo License (Translation Management)
  • 1 Capture 1 Mimic (Screen Capture and Image Editing)
  • 30 GB of storage per license
  • Unlimited email and telephone access to technical support

All upgrades and updates for the duration of the subscription.

Please Note: Quantity below indicates number of author seats needed. If you need 2 author seats, you will also receive double the number of other licenses, storage, and connectors included. 


Price: $3,730.00


Note: When you purchase through the e-commerce store, you will need a MadCap Central license key.

How to find your MadCap Central license key:

  1. To get started, you will need a free trial of MadCap Central. If you do not have a MadCap Central free trial, please visit:
  2. Login to MadCap Central.
  3. In the upper-right of Central, click your license avatar (or the first letter of your license if you haven't yet chosen an avatar image). A menu will appear.
  4. Click the License Settings link. The Overview window will appear.
  5. Your Central key is listed near the top left of the Overview window.