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Cutting-edge technical authoring and publishing for today’s technical writers and content developers.

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  • 12 Month Bronze-level Support and Maintenance Plan
  • Web-based MadCap Flare Introductory Training
  • Product Upgrades and Updates
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Knowledge Base Access
  • Forum Access

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Free Licenses of MadCap Capture and MadCap Mimic for Rich Multimedia + Free Web-based MadCap Flare Introductory Training

A Savings of Over $1,000

Current Customer? Upgrade to the Latest Version of MadCap Flare for Just $799.

Get access to new features and product enhancements when you upgrade to the latest version of MadCap Flare.

Do You Need to Publish Content Directly to Salesforce?

Publish content directly to Salesforce using the MadCap Salesforce Connect plugin. Pricing is on a subscription basis for $200 per month, per user with an annual commitment required. Only users publishing content directly to Salesforce require the plugin.

MadCap Flare Reviews

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Sean Bangerter
Senior Technical Writer

“For me, there’s no better publishing tool for Technical Writers”

We are an agile department, so we're running fast and low to the ground, which means we have short time between releases. I need to be able to spend my time writing, developing, and designing, while still being able to release quickly. I pushed out an end-user doc "from scratch" last week, and our VP said that one document closed a 100K deal. I couldn't have done that without Flare.

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Capterra Logo

David G
Chief Learning Architect

“Robust Content Management”

If you are looking for an extremely robust content management solution, MadCap Flare is a great option to explore. The features are very deep and span web, mobile/tablet, and print outputs and solid stylesheet editing for each. The indexing and search tools to help both users on the front end find what they need, and authors on the back end find issues that are woven throughout large documentation are the best.

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PC World Logo

Ian Harac
PC World

“Flare's strengths are in content management and is driven by a "write once, publish anywhere" paradigm”

MadCap Flare occupies rarified territory near the top of the desktop publishing mountain. It's intended for those who need to author, edit, and produce very long and very complex documents: technical manuals, instruction books, help systems, and anything else in which structuring and organizing content is key.

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MadCap Flare Licensing Options

Perpetual License

Licensed per user for perpetuity, allowing you to use the licensed software indefinitely.

Subscription License

Do you need access for a limited time?

Licensed per user and available only for the duration of your subscription period. The subscription period begins on the day of purchase.

Floating License

Do you have large number of users, but only a subset will need access the software at any given time?

Our Floating License allows sharing across a pool of users by providing a single key that specifies the total number of users that can concurrently use the software.

  • Includes a bundled Platinum-level Maintenance and Support Plan (1, 2 and 3-year terms available)
  • Completely flexible – unlimited installations/activations across company
  • Each instance of the product launched will consume one concurrent seat
  • Internet connection required to verify number of seats in use and available

Enterprise Floating License

Do you need more flexibility?

An Enterprise Floating License provides all the advantages of our Floating License and supports image based distribution and eliminates the need to re-activate if machines are re-imaged.

  • Includes a bundled Platinum-level Maintenance and Support Plan (1, 2 and 3-year terms available)
  • Enterprise image distribution of software to unlimited client machines
  • Installation and activation on any number of servers and accessed remotely by users
  • Single activation–if a machine is re-imaged, there is no need to reactivate the product upon launch

Maintenance and Support Plans

All new license purchases require a Maintenance and Support Plan, and multiple license purchases must have the same level of support. (e.g. A purchase of 10 Flare licenses cannot be purchased with 1 Platinum and 9 Bronze-level support plans).

Bronze-level Maintenance and Support

  • Product Upgrade and Upgrades During the
    Maintenance Period
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Knowledge Base Access
  • Forum Access

Platinum-level Maintenance and Support

  • Product Upgrade and Upgrades During the Maintenance Period
  • Unlimited Priority Email Support
  • Unlimited Priority Telephone Support During Support Hours:
    Monday — Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)
  • Senior Engineer Support Team
  • Send Projects Directly to Support Team for Project Analysis
  • Knowledge Base Access
  • Forum Access

Why Upgrade? Here Are the Major New Features Introduced with Each Release.

Upgrade to the latest version of MadCap Flare – from any previous version – for just $799.

Current version:
MadCap Flare 2018 r2

Date released:
October 31, 2018

Select a previous version of MadCap Flare below to get a detailed list of the major new product features and enhancements that have been introduced to date.

V2016 r2
V2017 r1
V2017 r2
V2017 r3
V2018 r1

MadCap Flare Reviews

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