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Secure cloud-based publishing, project and content management for technical writers and documentation teams.

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per month/per Subject Matter Expert**

MadCap Central 12 Month
Subscriptions include:

  • 10 GB Storage per Company Account*
  • Free Product Upgrades and Updates
  • Platinum-level Maintenance and Support, including Unlimited Email and Telephone Support
  • Knowledge Base and Forum Access

*Your user account is associated to a single company account. Additional storage can be added to each account, not to each individual user.

**Subject Matter Expert user accounts can be purchased within MadCap Central or through a sales representative.

License and Pricing FAQ’s

How is MadCap Central licensed and what is included with my purchase?

MadCap Central is licensed on a per user / per month basis, and can be billed monthly or on an annual basis. A 12-month commitment is required when purchasing online or through sales via a purchase order. Monthly licensing options can be purchased from within MadCap Central via credit card. Each user will have full access to all the functionality and features offered in MadCap Central. Included with your initial on-boarding process is 10 GB of storage for your company account.

How do I purchase a subscription to MadCap Central?

A MadCap Central license can be purchased (1) directly within the trial version of MadCap Central, (2) online in the MadCap Software store, or (3) by contacting or +1 (858) 320-0387. Note: Subject Matter Expert user accounts can be purchased within MadCap Central or through a sales representative.

Within MadCap Central (trial or existing license), you can select the number of seats you would like to purchase (or add/reduce seats to an existing account), purchase additional storage, and choose to be billed on a monthly or annual basis.

When purchasing online, all billing is done via credit card and with an annual commitment option only.

Note: You cannot add/change the number of seats or storage on an existing account through the online store at this time. Any changes must be completed within MadCap Central or by contacting or +1 (858) 320-0387.

Can I use a purchase order?

A company issued purchase order will be accepted for annual commitments only, with payment due within 30-days of purchase. All purchase orders must be completed through your sales account manager only.

Can I change (add or remove) the number seats on my existing MadCap Central account?

You can add, reduce or cancel the number of users on your account at any time. Refunds, however, are not given for cancellations or downgrades during your subscription term.

Can I purchase additional storage?

Your MadCap Central account includes 10 GB of storage usage. You can purchase additional storage for your company account in 10 GB increments, within MadCap Central or by contacting your sales account manager.

Are there any additional fees or installation cost?

There are no additional fees or installation costs with your MadCap Central purchase.

Will my work (e.g., teams, users, projects) in the trial version of MadCap Central be maintained once I convert to a full license?

If you purchase through the MadCap Central application itself, all your work in the trial version will be converted to the full license. If you purchase through e-commerce, you will be provided a brand new license key and will be starting over with a clean MadCap Central installation. If purchasing with a purchase order, a MadCap Software sales representative can assist you with converting your trial to a full license and preserving your work.

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