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Leading Provider of Cloud-Based Communications Solutions Delivers Modern HTML5 Content With MadCap Flare

Case Study Examines How xMatters Migrated From Print Documentation to the Agile Delivery of Responsive HTML5 Help With Top Navigation and Embedded Video Using MadCap Flare

La Jolla, CA, USA — June 21, 2016 — MadCap Software, Inc., the leader in multi-channel content authoring and a showcase company for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Visual Studio, today announced that it has published a new case study on xMatters. Using MadCap Flare, xMatters has migrated from delivering printable PDF documentation created in Adobe® FrameMaker® to responsive, multimedia HTML5 product Help that gives users easy access to the information they need. Visit www.madcapsoftware.com/case-study/xmatters-uses-madcap-flare/ to view the full case study.

xMatters is an intelligent communications platform that connects insights from any system to the people that matter in order to accelerate essential business processes. xMatters assists with everything from major incidents handled by IT, to manufacturing line slow-downs requiring attention from the on-duty manager, to system hand-offs in DevOps adoption. Because it is critical for xMatters customers to get their incident-related communications right, the company places a high priority on delivering timely, accurate information on how to use its cloud-based solutions.

Evolving Business Drives New Documentation Strategy

xMatters’ approach to documentation has evolved over time with the business. For years, customers primarily purchased xMatters software to use on-premises, and the company produced its documentation as printable PDF files. However, as more xMatters customers migrated to the company’s cloud-based solutions, they wanted to access information online. Facing the need to publish both online Help and PDF documentation, the company adopted MadCap Flare. More recently in 2015, with a majority of customers now using its cloud-based solutions, xMatters redesigned its Flare-based online Help to create a modern, responsive multimedia web experience while minimizing the production of PDFs.

Key benefits that xMatters has realized include:

  • Flare’s topic-based single-source publishing facilitates content reuse and streamlines delivery of online Help and PDF documentation, enabling them to keep pace with the new product versions being rolled out each month.
  • HTML5 top navigation functionality in Flare provides a modern web look-and-feel in alignment with those of its corporate and support websites.
  • The responsive design enabled with Flare-based HTML5 output adapts to users’ screens–from desktops and notebooks to mobile phones and tablets, enabling them to readily access documentation on their device of choice.
  • Other modern web design features in Flare, such as top navigation, Google-style search, graphics, and embedded videos provide an intuitive and inviting online Help site where users can easily find the information they need.
  • Conditional tags, tables of contents, and cascading style sheets in Flare enable xMatters to customize multiple online outputs with minimal effort.

All together, we have created a really inviting exploratory experience with the latest version of our online Help based on Flare. Our customers love it. We’ve stayed with Flare for six years because MadCap regularly releases substantive updates and stays a couple of steps ahead of other authoring tool vendors. We look forward to growing and expanding our work with Flare.”

Cameron Stewart | Technical Publications Product Manager, xMatters

“As a leader in cloud-based solutions for enabling communications during critical incidents, xMatters understands the need for modern, up-to-date online information that users can access where and when they need it,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO. “We are thrilled by xMatters’ innovation in delivering state-of-the-art HTML5 Help that is as agile as its software and takes advantage of the responsive design, top navigation and multimedia functionality in MadCap Flare to create an interactive and intuitive experience for users on their devices of choice.”

About xMatters

xMatters enables any business process or application to trigger two-way communications (text, voice, email, SMS, etc.) throughout the extended enterprise. The company's cloud-based solution allows for enterprise-grade scaling and delivery during time-sensitive events. Leading global firms use xMatters to connect insights from any system to the people that matter in order to accelerate essential business processes. Founded in 2000 as AlarmPoint Systems, xMatters is headquartered in San Ramon, CA with European operations based in London. For more information, visit www.xmatters.com.

About MadCap Software

MadCap Software is a trusted resource for thousands of companies around the globe for single-source, multi-channel authoring and publishing solutions designed to streamline the process of developing and delivering training content, learning and development programs, technical documentation, online Help, knowledge bases, and more. From authoring, publishing and translation, to cloud-based content management system, to contribution and review in the cloud, you can streamline content delivery and manage the entire content development lifecycle with MadCap Software. MadCap Software’s services include product training, consulting services, translation and localization, and an advanced developer certification program. Headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Austin, TX, MadCap Software is home to some of the most experienced software architects and product experts in the content development industry.

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