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Photo of Daniel Ferguson

Daniel Ferguson

Founder & President, Smart Output

Daniel Ferguson is the founder of Smart Output, a technical communication consulting company that specializes in MadCap Flare consulting and training. He helps clients define optimal documentation processes, migrate legacy documentation, and implement Flare for authoring and publishing. He also helps existing Flare users streamline their current Flare implementations and take advantage of the newest Flare features. Daniel is a certified MadCap Advanced Developer and Project Management Professional, as well as a regular presenter on MadCap’s official Flare webinar series.

MadWorld 2017 Sessions Presented by Daniel Ferguson:

Monday, April 3

1:30-2:25 PM

Be Responsible: Using MadCap Flare’s Responsive Design Editor

Track 4 Advanced • MadCap Flare • Responsive Design

Over the last few years, our world has become a mobile-first world. The proliferation of handheld and other portable devices has revolutionized the way people get information. Have your HTML documentation sites kept up with the times? In this session, we will dive into the capabilities that MadCap Flare offers to help make your HTML outputs responsive–outputs that optimize themselves based on the device being used. We will walk through all facets of Flare’s responsive design capabilities, focusing particularly on the Responsive Layout Editor. At the end of this session, you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to start delivering responsive HTML help sites.

Tuesday, April 4

9:30-10:25 AM

Here a Proxy, There a Proxy, Everywhere a Proxy: Using Proxies in MadCap Flare

Track 2 Basic/Intermediate • MadCap Flare • Proxies

Ever popped open the list of MadCap Flare proxies and thought, “Wow, I wonder what all of these do.” Or are you at the stage where you’re asking yourself, “What is a proxy?” In this session, we will walk through every Flare proxy type and share best practices on when and how to use them. Once you get a handle on proxies, you will be able to add depth and dimension to your Flare outputs in dynamic ways. Come discover what Flare proxies can do for you!

Wednesday, April 5

8:00-10:00 AM

Optimizing the Performance of Your MadCap Flare HTML5 Outputs

In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans and patience levels are minuscule. In technical communication, we rightly place emphasis on quality content, searchability, and findability. But do we stop to think about the network performance of our help sites? Mere seconds can make the difference between someone using your help site or going to someone else’s, between great customer satisfaction and merely good, between your customer getting an answer from help or opening a support ticket. As a MadCap Flare developer, there is a lot that is in your control! In this presentation, we will dive into how to analyze the performance of your Flare HTML5 site, identify the most problematic areas that slow your site’s performance, and walk through some best practices for designing your site for optimal network performance. You’ll walk away with the tools and knowledge you need to design a site that zings through the internet with far less drag.

Wednesday, April 5

1:30-3:30 PM

Breaking Free: Using TopNav to Design Outside the Box

TopNav's output gives you a lot of flexibility in how you present your content to your customers. Join veteran MadCap Flare users Daniel Ferguson and Derek Warren to talk about the components of published content, and demonstrate ways you can extend and modify the design of your output. The workshop will include how you can extend the capability of your output using JavaScript and jQuery. We'll expand on how you can use the latest features of CSS 3 to stylize your content, and show you that the possibilities are virtually limitless. In addition, we'll also address some of the limitations you need to be aware of, and address options for overcoming them. This engaging workshop assumes you understand basic Flare use, HTML, and CSS code.