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Photo of Louis Lento

Louis Lento

Senior Technical Writer

Louis Lento is a senior technical writer at Philips in Carlsbad, California, which develops respiratory solutions for hospitals, primarily ventilator hardware, software, and accessories in an FDA-regulated environment. Louis started learning MadCap Flare three years ago when he began working at Philips, and has been leading the Adobe® FrameMaker®-to-Flare transition for their Tech Pubs team since then.

Sessions Presented by Louis Lento:

Monday, June 4

3:00-3:55 PM

First Foray: Adobe® FrameMaker® to MadCap Flare

Track 1 MadCap Flare Adobe® FrameMaker® Case Study

In 2016, we initiated the switch from Adobe® FrameMaker® to MadCap Flare with our new print-based product documentation. The first (daunting) task was to convert a 400-page medical device user manual. However, the import process is only one piece of a complex puzzle. We discovered that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that can make or break a successful transition. Through our own painstaking troubleshooting, as well as helpful analysis from MadCap Support, we were able to overcome obstacles and find solutions to our PDF-based deliverable needs and FDA regulatory requirements. This session opens your eyes to what you could be in for, and how to tackle strange import phenomena with confidence rather than fear. Knowing how FrameMaker® and Flare behave helps to ease the migration burden. We are finally pushing the FrameMaker® boat away from the dock – it’s anchored in the harbor and just about ready to float out to sea.

Tuesday, June 5

2:50-3:50 PM

Tech Pubs Teamwork: Divvying Up MadCap Flare Project Tasks

Track 3 MadCap Flare MadCap Central Team Management

Everyone’s got their particular talents and skills, and it’s no different in a Technical Publications department. For example, you may have a graphics expert on staff, and maybe there’s a writer in your team that’s skilled at handling page layouts and CSS, or perhaps there’s someone who’s into snippets and conditions. This diversity lends itself well to spreading the knowledge and workload around the different components of a MadCap Flare project. In this session, Louis Lento offers tips and suggestions for “teaming up“ on a Flare project, effectively utilizing the unique skills of your writers, and implementing the power of MadCap Central to enhance teamwork.