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Yesterday MadCap Software launched a new program offering free telephone access to Gold Level technical support on all trial downloads. This is something not widely offered in the software industry, to the best of my knowledge.

The reasoning behind our decision was simple: a growing number of our customers have noted that a big factor in deciding to use MadCap products was the excellent support experience they heard about from fellow colleagues who are already MadCap Software users.

By adding free technical support to trial product downloads, prospective customers get to experience both the full featured capabilities of the MadCap Software products and the great support that they can expect to receive in the future. By offering this “Complete Experience” during the trial period we feel we can help folks make a more informed decision when deciding which technical communication vendor to purchase from. Too many software providers view support as a non-essential element to software purchasing decisions and in fact do not even consider the customer post-purchase. In many cases, they expect users to find their own answers by randomly searching the internet.

Providing quality technical support (in addition to sales support) has always been a vital component to the MadCap formula in creating valuable customer experiences. We understand our customers not only place great value on our products, but they also love the responsiveness and knowledge of our technical support engineers.

Since this is a new program, we of course would like to hear your thoughts about it, and welcome any feedback you might have.

To learn more about our free support program, visit: